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Army Vet With Bad Knees Seeks Home Buying Grant Help To Restore Credit

by Donald Liskowycz
(Redford, MI, USA)

My Name is Donald Liskowycz. I am 36 years old and have two biological kids and two kids that my beautiful girlfriend brought into my life. They are 17, 16, 10 and eight.

The oldest two are my what I call "prestarted" kids. I have been in their lives for 12 years. My 10-year-old and eight year old boys are my and my girlfriend's gift from God.

My girlfriend keeps me going every day. Seeing her beautiful face is why I try to do better then the day before every morning

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Disability Issues

I am currently on 20 percent Disability for my knees. I received these ailments while serving in the US Army.

My knees over the years have gotten worse and I am trying to get my Disability increased, which has been and is still a lengthy process.

Financial Hardship

Right now I am about $35,000 in debt and trying to dig my way out. I am currently the only one working and barely making ends meet while we try to find a better living situation.

We are in a small three-bedroom rental house that is just not big enough for the family. My three boys share a bedroom because my daughter has to have her own room and we also have a room.

I do have a vehicle; however, the payments are killing me because of my bad credit. I had to use one of those high finance auto places.

My 10-year-old is going through evaluations for several learning disorders and autism. My eight-year-old has a temperament disorder. Their issues have resulted in special education at school.

Income Efforts

We are trying to get grants to help pull us out of debt so I can rebuild my credit score to get a home through the Veterans Services. The only thing stopping me is my credit score. If I could accomplish this task I could reduce my monthly payments by almost a full paycheck.

Specific Needs

I am looking for grants, benefits or any other sort of income that can help me obtain a new house that I do not have to rent but can purchase.

I do not mind a land contract home if need be but will be looking for my own place if able.

Business Idea

I am currently looking to start my own catering business and if able I am looking for grants and benefits to do that as well. I am told that I am a great cook and should pursue this as a living.

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