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Army Veteran Seeks Grant For Non Profit To Help Youth And Disabled Veterans

by John
(Raeford, NC, USA)

I spent my Army career helping my brothers in arms as a combat medic.

Wounded in combat on both tours to Iraq I was left with no other choice but medical retirement due to my disabilities.

I founded Black Sheep Farms Georgia in 2011 because I wanted to continue to give back to fellow veterans and the community.

Now, as a combat wounded veteran, my sight is set on the mission of Black Sheep Farms Georgia. It's providing the youth and veterans something that will make a positive impact on their lives.

And just like I say about any project from helping a stranded motorist to leading a hand to a spouse whose partner is deployed, I live by the motto, "I'd want someone to do it for me if they could."

I am negotiating with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in order to provide a sanctuary for 1000 wild Mustangs.

Black Sheep Farms Georgia is a 509 (a) 3 non-profit organization committed to helping veterans, youth, and the surrounding community.

This is accomplished through multiple facets of the organization, and the donations of its supporters.

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines come from all walks of life and all parts of the country and sometimes the world but their goal is the same, service to the United States and its people.

Since September 11, 2001 our country has been at war and every man and woman joining any branch of Service has known the great risk and sacrifice joining would bring.

No one has felt this sacrifice more than our wounded veterans and their families and it was in their honor that Black Sheep Farms Georgia was established.

Since our founding, the Organization has achieved the following milestones:

* Received the backing of the FFA and the Boy Scouts of America across the state of Georgia;

* Built partnerships with countless veteran organizations, youth organizations and a local University, pioneering ways to subsidize households living on a fixed income with renewable energy, and working to provide local economies with new employment opportunities.

Black Sheep Farms Georgia does not use any part of the donations intended for youth or veterans to pay for overhead. 100% of donations made to veterans and youth organizations go directly to those organizations.

Black Sheep Farms Georgia has partnered with multiple veteran and youth organizations in order to give back to the ones who gave the most, and to provide a solid foundation for younger generations.

But we cannot complete the mission without YOU. Your support and contributions are what gives life to Black Sheep Farms Georgia.

Our veterans sacrificed everything for this country and our youth are the future of it. Are those really places to cut corners when it comes to giving back?

Black Sheep Farms Georgia is a veteran founded veteran ran organization with one mission -- continue giving.

Black Sheep Farms Georgia's mission statement "Standing Out, Standing Proud" is not just a catchy slogan. It is our cause. We "Stand Out" as Veterans, as the youth of tomorrow, as the Mustangs native to this land and we "Stand Proud" because of who we are.

Black Sheep Farms Georgia's contributions are focused on the local area, but like ripples in a pond when a stone is tossed in the waves will continue to roll.

We at Black Sheep Farms Georgia do not wait for the "ripples to reach the banks" for those in need. We reach out our hands to those in need who have done the same for us and ours when the situation called for it.

At home or abroad Black Sheep Farms Georgia is now and will ever be a light in the storm.

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