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Arthritic Howard With COPD Needs Disability Grant Money For Home Repairs

by Howard McCroskey Jr.
(Montgomery, Alabama, USA)

My name is Howard McCroskey Jr. I am 54 years old and have been married for 24 years to Susan McCroskey age 55 years.

We have three grown children, my stepchildren and four grandchildren. We have two dogs, one a Great Dane and the other a Pit Bull.

I did tile work and construction all my life and my wife cleans houses for a living.

We live in Montgomery Alabama and have all our life.

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Disability Issues

I was born with asthma and respiratory problems. By the time I was 12, the attacks were less and less often, so I assumed that I had outgrown the problems.

Then in my early 40s, my breathing started getting worse. It resulted in more trips to the hospital to get breathing treatments.

Then my legs started getting to where they would hurt and jump in my sleep so bad that I would wake up screaming from the pain.

I went to the doctors and they would try this and that drug to try and help ease the pain, and still I would wake up at nights with the stabbing pains and cramps.

It had gotten so bad that I could no longer perform my duties at work so I applied for SSDI, which I have received for about four years now.

I have COPD and degenerative disk disease, along with PAD, which the doctor now says is arthritis.

Financial Hardship

I live on $1200 SSDI with the money my wife makes cleaning houses. In this economy she has been losing customers along the way.

This has put a strain on us with my income now having to pay out more and more due to her loss of income.

Even though the VA hospital supplies my medicines, the copay still puts a strain on my money.

Income Efforts

I now get SSDI and cannot hold a job because of my health.

My father has helped me in the past, but he also is disabled. With his own health in poor shape, he is no longer able to help.

I have done all I know to do at this point and would like to get any help that I can.

Specific Needs

I have not had the money to take care of my home, which was a true blessing for my wife and me. My father sold it to us for a dollar.

Because our roof was in bad shape, we had to stop our home insurance. We could not get it insured till the roof was fixed. I have since taken care of that but cannot afford the insurance now.

I would like to get a grant to fix the rest of my home to make it more efficient. It needs the electrical updated and new windows and doors installed.

The whole house inside and out needs painting. The ceilings need replacing in some rooms where there was leaking due to the roof.

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Feb 03, 2014
Asking for help
by: tina


You are not alone my friend. That is a big problem for many of us... either we are timid to ask for help, we are too tired to ask, figure we won't get help if we do, or the wait seems too long

So we seem to not ask all too often for the reasons above and for a bazillion other hardships that get in our way that many of us fight.

Just remember as I had to learn a long time ago, Nobody can help you if you don't ask them to, because people and agencies and programs, simply don't know you need help.

You have to ask around, dig, network as I call it. Never ever forget the good ole government and the telephone book. You would be surprised what is in there. Much luck to you my friend!


Feb 03, 2014
by: Howard

Thank you Tina for the info. I have not had to ask a lot in my life from anyone. I just do not know where to turn. Thanks again for your concern and time to help me on this matter. Have a great day and God bless you Tina!

Feb 03, 2014
Home Repairs
by: Tina

In some States there are programs called "project home" to help with all types of home repair, weatherization, etc. Just call the department of social services.

Anytime you need anything you can call DSS with the exact need and if there is a program available in your area they will point you to it so you can apply. Now sometimes the waiting list is years long, but time is going to pass whether you apply or not. Three years from now you will still need those ceilings fixed and you may be sorry you didn't apply.

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