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Arthritis Disabled Woman Seeks Grant To Help Husband And Self With Debt Relief

by Frances
(Ballston Spa, NY, USA)

I'm 67 years old and disabled. I have difficulty walking due to a leg injury and arthritis. Because of mounting bills I'm in serious need of debt relief.

I lost my first husband 15 years ago. My family and his, have men who served in the Navy, Army, Royal Air Force, Marines and Merchant Marines.

We love our country and I'm very proud of our families. I want to say that I'm very thankful for the help that I do get from organizations and food pantries.

But, due to certain circumstances I have put myself in debt and I am finding it very difficult to get enough money to pay for my commitments.

Recently getting married again has put my new husband in a difficult position. He works very hard and is trying to help me, but between the both of us it's not enough.

Just trying to keep up with our everyday needs is hard to do. I would like to move out of the apartment that I am in and get a bigger place so I could have a wheelchair or scooter.

Clothing would be nice, too. And my car needs repairs, which is costly but needed. In our home we need things that I can't afford to buy.

My husband has bills that he pays and it is hard for him to help me. At times he has fallen behind himself helping me.

There are times I can't even afford my co-pays on my meds. I was getting help from rural preservation but now that I am married I can't get help.

I was refused. If I put in for food stamps I will be denied. The last time I had food stamps it was only $14.

I have been trying for years to get a grant and never received one. I'm not trying to feel sorry for myself but I'm trying to get help for my husband and myself.

There are a lot of organizations that cannot help financially. This is why I do need a grant or any kind of debt relief help.

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