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Asthma Disabled 20 Year Old Seeks Biz Grant For Operation Fresh Start In CA

by Brooke Johnson
(Emeryville, CA, USA)

My name is Brooke Alexandria Johnson. I'm 20 and I am homeless. Like many Americans I have a disability that prohibits me from working.

I feel the constant depression of having nothing and no one to be there for me.

I wanted to create a program that would help people just like me. I never want anyone to go through what I've been through.

My disability has affected me all my life. I have had chronic asthma since I was 5 and if I get sick it turns into bronchitis.

As I type this now my lungs are wheezing and it is even hard to sit here but I must continue.

Every time I wake up, run, get excited, get stressed or even laugh too hard my lungs begin to shut down.

My asthma inhalers sometimes don't work on me, like today. I also have a bad back and neck, and bad knees. They throb all day and night, especially when I get up in the morning.

Life is hard and sometime unbearable to live. Some mornings the pain is so intense I wish I never woke up.

My mother disowned me because I didn't go to church enough. I'm almost out of asthma inhalers and depression meds.

I have tried to get medical help and finical help from my government but they denied me because they said my disability was not good enough.

I never received a letter from the office. I had to call and they told me over the phone.

I cannot get welfare because I don't have kids.

I have nothing. I am cold sick and homeless.

Every job I have tried to get was a horrible experience. Half of my bosses tried to sexually harass me.

Half of my bosses would stress and yell at me so badly on the first day I would go into the bathroom and cry.

Then my asthma would take over and I would have to go home.

I need SSI benefits, a business grant, and free telephone therapy because sometimes my asthma affects my ability to travel.

All I have is my mind and this laptop at the Internet cafe. I never want any man women or child to feel the pain I feel, the shame I feel and the loneliness I feel every day.

If someone gave me a chance first to better myself, then to better the world, I would create a program called:


Fresh start is a program created to help homeless, unemployed, abused women and men have a stable apartment, job and counseling/drug treatment access.

It is also a program that will strongly promote peace, unity, brotherhood and sisterhood, love, success, stability, consistency structure and also to create good noble tax paying citizens.

There would be strict rules and guidelines that the program would abide by.


Member of fresh start must and will start fresh start by signing a contract binding them to fresh start rules and notifying the government of their activity.

Members will then sign up with the proper application and must have food stamps or the can apply for them during the application process.

Members both men and women will have to participate in charity work to pay for room and board.

Women and men who have jobs do not have to participate in charity work.

Members will start their day with eating a breakfast in the hall. After breakfast they will then clean their rooms and complete their laundry.

This will be timed and after the time is up a daily inspection will take place and is mandatory.

To be continued...

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Jun 03, 2013
Keep pushing forward!
by: Anonymous

I too am disabled because of asthma. I'm seeking an education grant and it sounds like we have the same goals in mind. See my story. Stay strong and keep pushing forward. Good luck and God bless!

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