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Available Government Grants And Benefits For Disability Grant Seekers

Available government grants and benefits are in the tens of thousands Way more in number are the 30 million people applying for them.

Here is the good news, though. You can and should apply to all the programs that are AVAILABLE TO YOU. This means all the disability grants and benefits you're eligible for. But here's the thing.

Just about everyone wastes too much time and energy chasing after benefits that they're simply not eligible for, not to mention grants that just do not exist, except in imaginative hype!

Doing things right involves two steps:

  1. Find a program you're eligible for. (How do you know?)
  2. Apply, following the program rules. (What are they?)

As simple as it sounds, a lot can go wrong. That's where we come in!

We help you get your "story" straight, with the right information in the right order. All you do is tell it using our simple template.

We then edit and polish your words. This is FREE to you because the cost is pretty much covered by advertising on the site.

Keen to get started now? Go straight to our Disability Help Guide page. Or read on for more background.

US Government Grant Programs

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Whether you're disabled or not,
you deserve a break today!

The assistance we provide here is mainly for residents of the USA. If you're from elsewhere, you can still benefit by telling your story. The process is the same.

Did you know this? Every year over $1 trillion of (mostly government) grant funding goes to more than 30 million US recipients! This includes both business and personal grants for the disabled.

That's a lot of money! Now how would you answer these questions?

  1. Are you getting your fair share of all those available government grants and benefits?
  2. Are you getting ALL you're eligible for?

If you said no to either one of those questions, you need our help.

Although this page is about available government grants, the reality is that the word "grants" means more than money. Examples: counseling, books, equipment, training, medications, service dogs and so on.

You should be going after everything you're eligible for.

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Will I Really See Results?

We've been asked, "Does anyone ever receive assistance this way; if so, how?" Great question. Right to the point. The short answer is "YES!" See what people are saying. See if you can do as well or better!

Example 1. We showed a desperate woman how she could access free resources to write the tell-all book that's been in her head for years.

Example 2. After seeing how many people were in dire financial straits due primarily to credit card debt, we found credit counseling services that adhere completely to the requirements of the FTC.

Example 3. We asked a friend of Ability-Mission.org, Sarah Freeman, who is bipolar-disabled herself, to give us some tips on buying food frugally while at the same time getting maximum nutrition.

Example 4. A veteran and single mom sent in her story about not getting the VA benefits she was entitled to. Well, her Kentucky VA advocate, who was wanting to contact her, Googled her and found her story here at Ability-Mission.org and posted a comment saying here's how to reach me!

We don't always hear from folks about their successes getting available government grants. But that's okay, our goal is to provide honest non-hyped information about the process.

We Know It's Not Easy

Getting even a penny from all the government grants available is NOT an easy thing to do. Many people are in situations that don't match the mission of existing granting agencies. Or if there is an agency matching the situation, it's really hard for most of us to identify it.

But there are government grants available for such things as housing, transportation, education, and so on. It's important to remain positive and to take some specific action.

The action you take might not necessarily involve writing a full-blown grant proposal, but you do have to be proactive to get results. Nothing comes to those who just sit and wait.

What we're offering here is to help with those first steps and in some cases, like the Consumer Credit Counselors we found. They provide real solutions to real problems, to make your situation better, not worse.

Let us help you with that first step by telling your story. If you do, you can be sure you're not just doing something; you're doing something right.

You know from the searching you've done that you won't find any other place on the Internet that makes such help available. Right?

To submit YOUR story, get started at our Disability Help Guide page.