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Avascular Necrosis Disabled Army Veteran Seeks Grant Money To Employ Vets

by Jamie
(Wapello, Iowa, USA)

My name is Jamie Brown. I'm an avascular necrosis disabled Army veteran. I am 46 years old.

I'm divorced and have two sons age 16 and 18. For the last 20 years I've been a welder-fabricator.

I have avascular necrosis. I have had one hip replacement done in May of 2011. I will have the other done in the near future.

I'm a liability on any of my previous jobs I've held. So I get turned away quite frequently when applying for employment.

Since being disabled, monthly income is down to $1100 a month. Not much. I stretch the finish off a nickel to get by. It's rough.

I have a home that is paid for, but the rest of the bills pretty much consume my income.

I have a project going through a patent process now. I have the time stamp and official certificate of invention. Now the rest of the process is on hold until I can muster up the funds for patent office and lawyers.

I have been instructed to keep a low key and produce my product even without the patent pending, to raise capital. No capital for material, or facility to accommodate product.

I would like to obtain a grant to finish my patent process, and obtain a facility to employee 10-20 employees. I only want to employ veterans.

They could have a work environment where they get to use their own skills and ideas to help the company grow. They could be paid to learn new skills and trades, and maybe implement their own ideas for product development.

I want a place for veterans to know, they have a place to go and work and be around friends while earning a decent living.

I'm building a portable hoist. I had over 60 inquiries about the product in Florida two months ago, selling for $500 a unit. Cost is about $300 per unit to produce. If I had units in stock, I could have sold all I had.

As for marketing and sales on the bigger scale. I have a company willing to work for me, for a price. I would rather have my employees be involved in sales and marketing, but I can't have everything.

I have an influential friend and business owner helping me with some of the business expectations and environment.

I had planned to start the company in northern Florida, around St. Augustine or somewhere between Orlando and Daytona, where the VA hospitals are. If not, I would have to start here in Iowa.

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