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Back Injury And Bipolar Disabled Veteran Seeks Nonprofit Grant For Homeless Kids

by James D. Elton
(Camden, Arkansas, USA)

In my natural habitat behind a laptop

In my natural habitat behind a laptop

My life started when I decided to disobey my Mother and Join the US Army. I have always wondered why she did not want me to join the services, but she never said why to me.

I ask my mother to teach me to cook, and she said, "David you are not even big enough to see what I am cooking on the stove." So I tiptoed high as I could, and looked, and one pot had whole kernel corn, and the other had lima beans (we called them Butter beans), my favorite bean of all time.

I convinced her that I had an interest and so she said, "Okay, if you want to learn that badly, then pull up your chair close to the stove." I did and she would work around my chair.

Then right there upon my knees my sweet mother gave me the butter knife and said to put an amount into the lima beans and half that much into the corn.

Then she put a small amount of pepper in my hand and asked me to put that into the lima beans. Then she gave me a little bit of salt.

This she did for each item and we stirred up some cornbread and put it in the oven. I had to move my chair but I put it back so that I could learn more.

Well I learned to cook and was her chief cook and bottle washer for years until my dad told me to move out at 16.

I bummed around and tried to make it at a good job, but without a high school diploma, it was next to impossible.

So at 23 I joined the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and went to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, for One Station Unit Training (OSUT) where they give me basic and advanced individual training at one station.

I loved the Army but on my second day, I was tripped and ended up falling on my right hip. The drill instructor saw it (I cannot say that he caused it) but someone did trip me at a full-out run.

As a result, I injured my right hip. Then when I was yanked up, I got the back injury that within seven years of active duty stopped me from using my right leg.

I have what the Army calls Boot Drop, but actually, I am a gimp-legged veteran that has pain always. I never sleep more than four hours without waking up with pain.

Now the Veterans Hospital told me that they could have fixed my back and hip up to six months after the injury, but after seven years, they could not help me.

I visited seven states after my tour of duty and they all said about the same thing. When I am 67 or 70, if I am still active, they would replace my right hip and that should fix my right leg.

I was homeless from the age of 16 to 23 and then again for another 12 years after being a soldier. I have spent less nearly half of my 56 years homeless with the homeless people. I can tell you most of them would love a job and a home.

I started "My American Dream" with a view to getting grant money for the homeless, but I failed. I also started "Homes2HungryChildren.org" and I failed to get the grants needed to get a Non Profit Organization going to help homeless children, even those with parents.

I have started "Hope4HomelessChildren.org" but still I failed to get my business of grant searching and delivery going.

I want to start a grant-seeking business named "JDElton-Grant-Consultant.org" and I have taken Grants A-Z plus Grant Consulting classes from http://www.ed2go.com.

I've run out of the back pay money that I was using to get started, so now that I have enough smarts to get a business going, I haven't enough money to continue with my goal!

My goal before I die is this: "I want to be sure that in every nation all children can go to a home for girls, or a barracks type building for Boys and have food two or three times a day. They can sleep and eat daily at shelters I want to set up in all large cities worldwide."

About my disability...

I have a back injury that cannot be fixed since the doctor misdiagnosed my condition.

I have to drag my right leg since my right hip was also injured and never fixed.

According to the doctors, I have bipolar schizophrenia. It doesn't bother me except for the crying spells of having my first wife abort our baby, and how I should have stopped her.

About my earning efforts...

I spent all my back pay money studying and trying to get a business started.

I have to either get a grant to start up a grant consultant business or learn about grant proposal writing and start up a nonprofit organization.

I could just as well start by getting a rent assistance agreement to pay my rent utilities and such for one year. I can use my own check to train others who would become a board of trustees for the nonprofit business.

After my seven years of active duty with the Army ended, I went to be a cleanup man for a house builder, Vern Brown Construction of Little Rock AR. But he got rid of me after he caught up with his backlog of homes.

I went to work as a boat rivet installer and worked there for 59 days then they told me that they were afraid of me, and with my back condition, I was a high risk for the Mon-Ark Boat Company.

I worked at the Veterans Administration of Little Rock as a canteen cook and dishwasher. That was an Incentive Therapy program. I started at $1.50 then moved up to $3.00 per hour. After I learned all that I needed to become their main cook, they hired another in my place. They told me that they couldn't hire me as a permanent employee cause if I slipped down they would get sued by my insurance company.

I worked at McDonalds for six months as a prep maintenance man. I started at 04:30, cleaning out the trash from the night before and preparing the new oil for the deep fryers and stocking the cups and mopping out the bathrooms and leaving at 10AM.

After I working mornings at McDonalds, I went to Taco Bell and ran the Drive-Through for them or the front as a cashier man. They really liked me since I always cleaned the shop of dirt and splashes of taco sauce. I got a nickname there as the cleaner. Wow!

I receive a monthly Social Security Administration check of $885, and a monthly Veterans Administration payment of $2673.

What I need...

1. I want to start a nonprofit business but this takes money and people.

2. I want to begin a Grant Consultant business and help educate others to do what I do. I have learned to write grant proposals and I shall submit more if this one works. I hate living on a disability check, but it is better than stealing or being hungry, of course.

3. I would need $25,000 to start up my consulting business and would be better set for success if I had $50,000+ to set up and train other people to do the grant searching that will be necessary to operate and maintain a nonprofit organization.

4. I could do this also if I had my rent and utilities paid for a year or more for I have enough money to train others in this line of work as a part time person till I get into the profits of grant writing and able to pay helpers for their working hours.

5. There are four more classes that I would want to take and that could make me a better grant seeker and consultant in this business.

6. I would need assistance to oversee my bookkeeping.

7. I would need an attorney to check my business plan and make sure that I got all things correct.

8. I would need a Notary Public to assist me with the setting up of the nonprofit papers and getting that started. They could also assist me with my grant consulting business if funds were available.

9. I would need a vehicle so that one of the individuals from my Grant Consulting business could be on an errand or mission to gather some information from a prospective client or I could do the same without worrying about a breakdown. My auto scares me. Sometimes it will not start. I have to crank it several times to get it to run these days.

10. I would need an office space for my hired staff, along with furniture and equipment.

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