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Back Injury Disabled 24 Year Old Single Mom Seeks Vehicle Buying Grant

by Silvina
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

I am the proud single mother of a beautiful six-year-old daughter.

I'm also disabled by a back injury suffered at the hands of an abusive man.

My father was never in the picture and my mother had been incarcerated from the time I was nine until 13.

During that time I lived with a close friend of my mother and then various family members until my mother was released.

My daughter's father and I had been together for six years before I ended it with a restraining order served to him in our home.

He had been verbally and physically abusive resulting in my daughter eventually being traumatized and me having a chipped lumbar from an altercation he and I had when I was knocked to the ground.

I am a full-time employee with benefits but I am still struggling. I do not receive any assistance and I only have one income.

My back hurts me so badly that at times it's a struggle just getting out of bed. Most times I can live with the pain. Other times it can be unbearable.

I cannot afford to see the chiropractor, even though I have insurance. I would rather deal with the pain and try to save for reliable transportation and for my daughter to have a better living

I recently allowed my aunt and two children to come live with us. She wanted to leave an abusive relationship, but she got laid off of work and is seven months pregnant.

I desperately need a vehicle. I can afford insurance but cannot find the means of actually saving for a car. Since the time I found the courage and strength to leave my daughter's father I vowed to give her a better life and sacrifice everything I had to.

My daily routine might not seem like a lot but it leaves me exhausted:

- I wake up every day at 4:00 am Monday through Friday.
- I take public transportation at 5:45 am with my daughter.
- I leave my daughter with school administrators by 8:00 am.
- I take the bus for two hours in the opposite direction to get to work by 10:00 am.
- I get off work at 6:00 pm and take the bus home for two more hours.

A wonderful family who has a child attending my daughter's school drops my daughter off at home three times a week. My aunt helps out a lot watching her while I am at work.

That same family recently offered to take her to school three times a week so that we don't have to catch the bus so early and so that I can get some rest.

I am currently employed full time, but because I'm often late for work, I may soon be in danger of a suspension, then termination. Sometimes I miss one of my buses or there are mechanicals.

I am looking for a grant so that I will be able to afford a vehicle to transport my daughter to school and myself to work.

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