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Back Injury Disabled Coast Guard Vet Needs Help Moving Herself To Arizona

by Brooke
(Jacksonville, Florida, USA)

I'm a 32-year-old disabled veteran of the Coast Guard, currently living in Florida and looking for help to move to Arizona.

The only family I have consists of my two Weimaraner dogs, Mayhem and Ghost. I'm single woman with no children. My dogs are my babies.

I served in the United States Coast Guard from April 2004 through June 2006. My first unit was in Philadelphia PA. I loved living downtown. There was always something to do and lots of things to see.

I had a great crew aboard the William Tate, a 125-foot buoy tender. The work was hard but very fulfilling.

In 2005, I was transferred to small boat station Staten Island, New York. In June of 2006, I was honorably discharged.

While in Staten Island I dislocated my L3 and L4 vertebra. In February 2006, I had five screws and two plates put into my lower back. Basically, my whole lower back is fused together.

The dislocation has caused injury to my sciatic nerve on my right side. I have no feeling along my right leg and no feeling at all in my right foot. The nerve causes me to constantly be in pain.

I used to enjoy doing a lot of outdoor activities but because of the fusion I can no longer participate in the activities I love so much.

The fusion has caused me to have Major Depressive Order, insomnia and very bad anxiety.

I can't walk or stand for very long. Even going to the store on a busy day is enough to make me dissolve into tears before I even go inside.

I am currently at 70 percent. I have hired a lawyer to fight for unemployability status, because I can't work any longer.

I take 13 pills a day for my pain, depression and anxiety. These medications are very hard on my digestive tract.

I often go over a week without a bowel movement even though I also take a fiber laxative twice a day.

I have also begun to shake, whether from the medication or my injury I am not sure. (I plan to ask my doctor next month).

Doing day-to-day activities is very hard on me because of pain and limited mobility. I take medication for insomnia, but I still do not sleep very well and without it, I don't sleep at all.

I know have a hard time making and keeping friends. I make plans and then cancel, and after a while people just stop calling.

I rarely leave the house to do anything. Sometimes I spend days in my bed. If it is was not for dogs I would probably never get out of bed.

I can't work so I am having a very hard time making ends meet. I often can't make my doctors appointments because I can't afford the gas to get downtown.

I have a roommate who doesn't really help financially or in any other way, but he gives me enough money to cover some of the bills so I have somewhere to live at the moment.

Unfortunately, he is not nice. He doesn't help me and calls me names like psycho, dumbass and a cripple.

Unfortunately, I am stuck here until the lease runs out and I can then get away from the emotional and mental abuse. I am so sad here in Florida with no friends no family. I feel so alone, so unloved.

I tried in 2006 and 2007 to work. I kept getting fired because I wouldn't show up to work or something would happen and I would fall apart and be unable to stay at work.

As my depression and anxiety became worse, the thought of going to work made me upset.

This is the first time since I was eleven I have not worked. I have worked outside or with animals most of my life and I am no longer capable of doing either.

I am trying to find help to move to Arizona to be with my family. I have no support here in Florida and no friends or family to help me.

My primary care doctor, therapist and my lawyers all have recommend I move to Arizona. The weather will help with my pain because it is hot and dry. In Arizona, I will have the support I desperately need.

My financial situation is bad, very bad. I need help financing the trip, for things like gas and lodging, and to have my truck fixed and new tires put on so I can drive it to Arizona.

I am trying to save money but it is impossible. I don't buy a lot of groceries and I wear threadbare clothes that don't fit. I'm trying to save every penny I can.

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May 07, 2012
Still looking for help
by: Brooke

Is there no one out there who will help? Please I have never asked for help before and I desperately need help. I have contacted over a dozen help groups and no one has responded. I just want to move to AZ and be with my family.

Mar 18, 2012
Good Luck
by: Jeannette DiLauro

I read your story. Mine is similar. I have back problems too. I take 10 pills a day, morphine... the whole pain thing. I liked your story. Good luck in all you do!


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