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Back Pain Disabled Army Vet Needs Disability Grant For Water Therapy Pool

by Charles Wright
(St. Clairsville, Ohio, USA)

I am a 61-year-old male. I am married with four grown daughters, three grown stepsons and one (late in life) 11-year-old son. I have been married three times, and divorced twice.

I joined the Army in August of 1969, and was discharged in November of 1974 (five years three months). I received my GED while in the military service.

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Disability Issues

In March of 1970 I was stationed in West Germany and was sent on temporary duty assignment. This is when I received a percussion fracture of my lower back.

I was sent back to Germany, and to the hospital for treatment and rehabilitation. I was then sent to my home military unit with a permanent medical profile restricting my military duties (I was a combat medic).

For the rest of my service the companies I was sent to tried to find things for me to do with my back condition. Finally after over five years of service I was given a "general under honorable discharge" for failure to adjust.

Since then I have spent my life in and out of many different hospitals, for surgeries, pain management, and all manner of different ways to help me control my severe pain.

I have been awarded a permanent and total disability rating from the Veterans Administration. I still take narcotic medications (morphine) to help with pain control; however I cope with this every minute of the day.

Financial Hardship

Due to my back condition and the fact that I was on medications, getting a job was unattainable for me.

At 22 years old, I had no prospects of getting a job in any field that required any sort of physical efforts. Even sitting for more than two hours at a time would intensify my pain threshold greatly.

My marriages suffered. I became very depressed and angry all the time, and was given more medications for that.

I was attached to electronic devices to try and help with the pain, put in and out of pain management hospitals, all with very little help for my nerve damage.

One of the worst stigmas I encountered was that when the medical profession could not come up with a reason for the severe pain they started to insinuate that I was a drug seeker, which left me feeling suicidal.

Income Efforts

My first wife and I, with our four daughters, were forced to live on welfare for many years as I tried to find some way to become better again. I was denied SSDI for many years, and I kept reapplying.

The Veterans Administration set me up with a work-at-home business of scrimshawing; however the pain would not allow me to create enough art work to be profitable and the business went under in a year's time.

Specific Needs

Now that I am in my sixties I have learned that I have to do things in moderation to keep my pain threshold in check. I have found that "hydrotherapy" gives me back an ability to exercise without causing me any extra pain.

As a matter of fact, the benefits I have received are better posture, stronger core muscles and weight loss, all of which is so beneficial I feel like there is a chance I can get better control of my pain and stop it from controlling me.

If I could have a water therapy pool (small) that is temperature controlled and the availability was there every day for my use, I am confident that the last one third of my life will be so much better for me than the first two thirds were, and all those who have suffered with me over the years.

All and any help with grants or low cost loans would be greatly appreciated and if there are any other suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

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Jan 06, 2014
by: Don

Charles, thanks for the corrections you pointed out. We're always happy to see that level of engagement in the process.

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