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Bad Knee Disabled Marine Corps Veteran Seeks Government Grant And Legal Help

by Michael McDonald
(Palm Desert, CA, USA)

Two Bad Knees

Two Bad Knees

I am 40 years young and single with no kids. I am a people person who loves being creative to help people and to be remembered.

I served in the Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan. My official status is Honorable Discharge with Permanent Disability.

I've come to learn and realize that life is not unfair but impartial and how we live it dictates how we're ultimately treated.

But there are times when we really feel lost no matter how positive we try to be. I FEEL LOST.

I have had reconstructive left knee surgery (two screws and a graft keeping my knee stable). I need surgery on my right knee.

I have extreme lower back pains that started while I was serving in Okinawa. I was told I would have problems sooner than the average person my age because my problems are in body support areas.

My health and financial problems started at Best Buy under a new general manager when I was asked to do things I did not consider right. I have a lot of documented incidents and audio proof of a hostile work environment.

After seven years of above average consistent loyalty and service, I was suspended with no pay because I would not do things Best Buy made me sign that I wouldn't do in my hire packet.

I was sent alone on jobs that require two people due to heavy lifting of wall mounted TVs and entertainment consoles.

I was injured and after being seen by Best Buy doctors I was approved for a workers compensation claim.

I still have the approval letter but never received a penny and was offered no rehab. They never processed the paperwork until I asked about it.

I have my actual suspension on tape where the general manager is less than helpful in the urgent matter at hand, which got me wrongfully suspended with no pay.

I lost my home and bills stacked up. I tried to get work but in being honest when asked about any workers comp claims, I honestly said yes even though I had never received any compensation or rehab or time to recover.

No one wants to hire a person at risk. I fell into a deep depression and I'm not proud to say I was hospitalized because of an extreme cry for help.

I have no relatives even close to me I can live with and it's hard to find a job where I'm not sitting or standing too long.

The stress and insecurity of not having a home is compounded by the constant pain in both knees and lower back and no time to recover and heal physically and mentally.

I don't know how long I can last without feeling the urge to do things I'm not proud of. I'm not talking about anything illegal, just things I would never bring up in conversation.

To earn some income, I've picked up cans and bottles from time to time. I've also done odd jobs for friends who knew I needed help.

Twice I've lost everything I owned and when your homeless, stressed, depressed, scared and hungry with no access to a computer other than asking friends from time to time to use theirs which gets old quick, it's hard to keep up in today's world of technology.

I need a place to live, even if it's just a box with one door.

I need temporary monetary assistance for food, clothes for interviews and gas.

Any assistance on how I can better my better my life would be humbly accepted and greatly appreciated.

I need any help I can get. This includes grants, SSI, SSDI or any benefits I qualify for.

I could also use legal help in my claim against Best Buy for suspending me and failing to act on my workers comp claim.

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