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Bad Knees Disabled Army Veteran Seeks Disability Grant To Make Ends Meet

by Richard Carmona
(Fort Pierce, Florida, USA)

Two of my girls are from my first marriage. My oldest is 15 and my youngest is 10. My third daughter (technically she is my stepdaughter) is actually the oldest, as she is 17.

I joined the Army back in 1999. Unfortunately I wasn't there long. I received my medical discharge in late 2002.

Enlisting was the best thing I ever did! I admit it, I had a great time and a lot of fun (considering the events that took place the year prior to my discharge). I wish I could have stayed longer!

Disability Issues

During some maneuvers back in 2001, I was in an accident in my Hummer. Unfortunately, the accident pretty much ruined my knees.

I didn't really know the extent of the damage until 2008, as my knee pain (mainly my left) began to get worse and worse.

In 2009 I finally underwent surgery. They basically "cleaned the mess." Unfortunately, since the surgery I have needed the assistance of a cane to walk.

The chronic pain just worsens as the days go by and I still don't have the stability or strength in that knee so that I may put the cane away.

I am grateful for the medical attention I receive from the Veterans Administration (VA) along with my disability rating of 100% where 70% is service connected.

At the present time, my wife is fighting for Social Security Income because her back is severely damaged from a nasty fall she took at her old job.

Financial Hardship

Due to the instability and lack of strength in my left knee, I have a difficult time standing, sitting and lying down. Because of this, I find it difficult to perform any kind of work.

I used to be a Desktop / End User Support Technician and was constantly on my feet running back and forth, not to mention the fact that I did spend a good amount of time on my knees under desks fixing computers... unfortunately, I can no longer do this.

I hate to admit this, but, the compensation I receive from the VA isn't enough for all of my bills.

I currently drive a 2003 Ford Mustang Convertible, only because I can't afford something bigger, which would be better for me.

I have found that sports utility vehicles are much more comfortable and leave me with virtually no pain while driving them.

Because I cannot work, I am currently finding it harder and harder to get my utilities paid on time, or at all for that matter.

Earning Efforts

Unfortunately, I am unemployed because of my disability but, I do try to get some work repairing computers here and there. It's not much but every little helps.

Other than my compensation from the VA, my wife is in the process of exhausting her unemployment compensation.

Specific Needs

I am not looking for anything big. To be honest, I would just like some help to get caught up with my bills. I guess what I am looking for is just a small grant.

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