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Bipolar ADHD Man Needs Grant Help For Creative Gutter Cleaning Business Idea

by Paul Smith
(North Vancouver, BC, Canada)

My name is Paul and I am 36 years old and I live in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have been diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar disorder and hepatitis.

I am currently a PWD (person with a disability) and receive support payments on a monthly basis from the ministry of social development.

I have been operating a gutter cleaning company for two years now. I have put all my savings and some into this business. Now I am in need of financial assistance.

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Disability Issues

I have major attention deficit disorder, which makes it very hard for me to do the administration work involved with running a small business.

My depression gets so bad that I tend to get overwhelmed with bills and responsibility that I can not handle on my own. I tend to shut down completely.

This just makes everything so much worse for me. I need help.

Financial Hardship

I am in debt to Rogers for cell phone services for my business. They took advantage of me by charging me for three months all at once. It was impossible for me to make such a huge payment now I owe them huge.

I need a new vehicle for servicing customers and implementing my innovative idea for adapting a vacuum system to an Econovan. It is similar to carpet cleaning trucks but I would use it to clean gutters.

I want to incorporate and my insurance is about to expire.

Income Efforts

I had five trucks and five employees this time last year and we serviced over 2000 customers in the last 18 months alone providing everything from gutter cleaning services to complete commercial roofing installations.

I have poor credit and am unable to secure financing; however I am confident that my business model is at the very top of the class in this industry. My research shows that we will be profitable within six months of acquiring this new vehicle.

Specific Needs

I need a business grant for my gutter cleaning and roofing business for the purpose of upgrading equipment and to secure working capital for the short term.

This would allow me to hire new employees and train them without having to worry about not being able to make payroll. Coaching and mentoring would help me greatly as well.

Business Idea

I will be using half of the funds to purchase and build an innovative gutter-cleaning machine. That has been my dream for as long as I can remember.

I worked as a water damage technician at On Side Restoration and this is where I came up with this idea. Although others have copied it to some degree, I have new plans for faster and more efficient servicing of residential and commercial gutter systems.

I will be using the other portion to secure two employees, one administrator and one gutter technician to operate this gutter cleaning vacuum system.

I want to be able to operate for six months without having to worry about laying employees off or not being able to pay them, just in case it takes this long to start earning income with this new machine.

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