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Bipolar And Manic Depressive Disabled Robert Seeks Debt Relief Grant Money

by Robert L. Danforth
(Chico, California, USA)

My name is Robert. I'm 37 years old, and disabled with bipolar-manic depressive disorder.

I also have physical injuries that cause me a lot of pain (back issues, knee issues, ripped tendons and ligaments in my ankles and shoulders, and tendonitis in my hands, wrist, and elbows).

Because of my disabilities I receive SSI as my income.

I am having a very hard time with paying my bills. I made some mistakes a year or two ago with some credit cards and now I owe around $1500.

It may sound like its not a lot to pay off, but I receive $865 to live on, and I'm in a catch-22 with my bank.

I have been having to do advances every month to just get by. The advances have to be paid back the next month and this service will be cut off very soon.

As it is right now I am unable to make any real payments on these debts. So every month the debts keep getting bigger and bigger because of the late charge they add on.

I have even been threatened that they will start to debit my account. If this happens it will be very hard to pay the rent.

Finding some debt relief is my reason for needing a grant.

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