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Bipolar And PTSD Disabled Lori Seeks Legal And Transportation Grants

by Lori Bricker
(Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA)

My name is Lori but my friends call me Spirit. I am 39 years old. I have one son who is 16. He is the joy of my life.

I have a puppy that is almost 10 months old named Atrayu. He is a great source of comfort for me.

I recently moved to New Mexico. I lived in Texas the majority of my life. I am an 8th generation Texan. I am about to start Colorado Technical University for my Bachelors in BSCJ.

Disability Issues

I have bipolar manic depression and PTSD. I was diagnosed at 15. Due to situations in my life and hardships I developed agoraphobia and severe stress and anxiety disorder.

I have physical ailments as well right now. I was granted Disability about seven years ago. I receive $721 a month.

Financial Hardship

My rent is $650 per month. I need help getting transportation and legal help due to unlawful deeds done unto myself by CPS of Harris county Texas, some police departments and my ex-husband.

Income Efforts

I right now have a charity at gofundme.com I have received $50 so far.

I am seeking food assistance and trying to obtain legal documents so I can get my driver license here in New Mexico.

I do receive Social Security Disability and Medicaid. I am enrolled in school and start officially May 18th so I can provide for myself one day.

Specific Needs

I need an attorney for several reasons, including misconduct by people who should have helped. Instead they discriminated against me due to my mental health and judged me according to my very abusive ex-husband's words without contacting my doctors for proof of my stability.

I need transportation to help get me to different support groups and rejoin this world. Anyone's understanding would be wonderful.

Business Idea

After I finish school I plan on giving aid to others without discrimination. And as soon as I take care of myself, I would love to open up a non-profit organization to lend help and resources as well as a center for those who have mental disabilities and have no one like myself to lean on or understand.

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