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Bipolar Daughter And Disabled Mother Seek Grant Money For Debt Relief

by Eva Sliger
(Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA)

I am bipolar disabled and live with my mother who has multiple disabilities. I'm writing now to ask for a government disability grant for debt relief.

My father left my mother in 1999. He had been an abusive and philandering husband. My mother stayed with him to keep me from living the life she had to live, growing up in an alcoholic home in a poor area of Tennessee.

I returned home, got out of school and got a job to help my mother after my dad left. Then my mom got very sick in 2005 with pheocromosytoma, which is an extra adrenal tissue on the nervous system.

Although rare, this disease is treatable, even curable, but because it keeps her body in a constant state of fight or flight it cause multiple health problems.

My mom has also been diagnosed with diabetes, COPD, asthma, high blood pressure, heart damage, a small aneurism in the heart, diabetic neuropathy in her hands and feet, degenerative spine, edema, depression, anxiety, fatty infiltration in her liver, calcification of her mitral valve, kidney problems causing her body to be unable to remove all the toxins from her muscles, low iron, low calcium, angina, stomach problems, and just recently she was told she has Type 1 sleep apnea.

Type 1 sleep apnea is where the brain is not able to get a message to the lungs to breathe. We believe this all stems from the pheocromosytoma, which causes her to be weak, and unable to do many of the things she once did.

She has to be extremely careful not to aggravate the pheo as it will cause severe problems and she could end up in the hospital again.

She can have no stress of any kind. She has to watch how she moves as it could bring on an attack, which could cause more damage to her body or even kill her.

To treat or cure pheocromosytoma, the doctors would have to take her off her many blood pressure medications (atenolol , verapamil, diovan, lisinopril, nitro patches, nitro sublingual and terasosin), which would cause her blood pressure to go so high so quickly that it could cause a severe stroke or kill her.

Then the doctors would have to find the pheo, which could be as small as a head of a pin or much larger and remove it. All her doctors refuse to do the procedure because it is too dangerous.

My mom has many medical bills with a recurring total of $150 for medications: Advair inhaler, pro-air inhaler, albuteral solution for a nebulizer, theophylline, fluticasone nasal spray, an allergy medication, GI cocktail to numb the pain in her stomach, omeprazole, phenogran, actos, metformain, zoloft, xanax, trazadone, bupropin, potassium, lasix, ferrous sulfate, calcitroil, and her diabetic supplies.

For the oxygen, the CPAP machine and the TENS unit, the monthly rental cost is $100.

When she almost died in 2005, I had a nervous breakdown. She is my anchor which is very important to a diagnosed bipolar. Without an anchor, I could not function very well. I was unable to continue to work full time.

She was given full disability in 2006. Because I was unable to work full time we lived on what she got from Social Security Disability and a portion of my dad's military retirement, which was awarded, in the divorce settlement.

We had to barrow from a monthly check-cashing place and against the title of our only vehicle. In 2007 I became unable to continue to work so I put in for Social Security Disability, which I finally got in 2009.

This helped us get by, but we now have two check loans (totaling $1176), a loan on the vehicle (totaling $1500) and there are the medical bills (totaling $2500) so far.

We scrape by every month yet we are unable to pay any medical or doctor bills so they keep adding up.

Right now we have disconnect notices for the water bill and the electric bill and the interest payments are also due on the payday loans. We are one month behind on the rest of the utility bills.

My mother has gone through hell all her life with sexual and physical abuse. She struggled with an abusive husband to raise me, educated herself and as soon as she and my dad got into a good financial place he left.

Now we are in a place of poverty and lack again. My mother is 57 and I want her to have an easier time of life now, which is why I am asking for a grant.

If we could get a debt relief grant or other such help to pay all the loans, medical bills and utility bills to current status we would be back on level ground.

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Jun 10, 2010
I am also bipolar disabled
by: Anonymous

I also have several other health problems and all prevent me from working. I am disabled and receiving Social Security Disability. I am only 36 years old and very angry with myself for becoming like this. Thanks to your story I am a little less angry and more willing to ask the government for a grant. I live in an old home, which I rent and it becomes dusty very quickly. This isn't good for me as I have allergies and it sets off my C.O.P.D. Anyhow to make a long story short, because of your story I will take the next step in asking for a grant. Thank you, from someone in Florida

May 16, 2010
Hope This 411 Helps A Little.......
by: Linda


I also have C.O.P.D., and had to resign from my job in Protection and Safety because it had 40 hours weekly attached to it, and my doctor would only release me for 16 hours per week.

I am also on SSI; however, I qualify for Medicaid through the department of Social services. I am also on oxygen, and my medical pays for that as well.

I am quite sure Arizona will do the same for you and your mother. I believe all 50 states will cover medical with someone who is as ill and disabled as your mother. Then you pay a $2 per prescription fee when you get your prescriptions filled every month.

They will also go back about 3 or 4 months and cover whatever medical bills were incurred within that time frame. 3 or 4 months doesn't sound like much, but medical bills add up fast. Then when you get your grant you will be able to pay off the rest of the medical bills you owe, which I am quite sure are extremely high,

I also was able to get the hospital bills my insurance didn't pay (work Insurance) forgiven. I called the hospital administration, and they worked with me to eliminate what I still owed which was around $18,000.

I hope you get the grant money you need, to help you will the vehicle situation. I am also trying to get a vehicle through grant money. Ours was taken, as I could not afford the payments. It was a voluntary thing. I couldn't make the payments with my SSI, and then there was insurance to boot, so I told them they could come and take it.

It wasn't all that great of a car anyway; it had to have a used starter the first week. They saw us coming I'll tell you. I feel bad for people who buy from them. I lodged a complaint, but it didn't go anywhere. Maybe I should contact the B.B.B, and see if they can at the very least get it off my credit, which is not too great after they took the car.

Remember (God Bless at God Speed as only God can do.) He has blessed me many times over, like when I got my student loans forgiven and they were about $50,000. God directed me to the where and the how and all? had the footwork so to speak, and that is only one blessing. There have been too many to count, let alone tell you about.

I will end this missive, as it is getting rather long. I pray we both receive our grants; however if it is not in the cards, remember when a door is close for us, God will open a window. It is a matter of having faith and knowing God will be there for me and you if you seek him out and ask.

Hope things get better for you and your Mother, much better


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