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Bipolar Disabled 48 Year Old Man Seeks Grant Money To Restore Financial Health

by Terry Hoselton
(Charlestown, Indiana, USA)

My name is Terry. I am 48 years old and married 6 years to a woman who has stood beside me through thick and thin.

I have 3 grown children and I have served in the Army Reserves.

My disability is bipolar and manic-depressive. I have had this disability for some time but was officially diagnosed 5 years ago after having run out of my anti-depressants while driving over the road.

When I ran out of my medicine, I bottomed out with depression and rage. I was ready to commit suicide.

Since then, my wife has been my life. I could not bring myself to hurting her that day by taking my life.

Because of being bipolar, I have a hard time working under the command of someone else. I finally lost my job as a dump truck driver.

Of course the company could not say they were letting me go because of this, but have had many fights with fellow employees due to disagreements.

I have since been put on disability. Finances are hard. I no longer have a car since I was in a car accident and the car was totaled.

The state of Texas put a lien against anything I was to receive for back child support.

I have tried working for friends cleaning cars but because of health issues, had to stop doing that being as it is to hard on me to walk the 2 miles.

I have tried work at home jobs but everyone wants you to pay to work for them and my finances do not allow any extra spending.

I have started doing wood plaques and custom wood signs for people around my neighborhood. I have had many requests and would like to be able to expand my options and designs.

My wife is unable to work as well but does not qualify for disability due to lack of work history.

I am looking for a grant that might be able to help compensate the losses I have.

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