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Bipolar disabled 58 Year Old Man Seeks Disability Grant Money For Daily Living

by Darrell Williams
(Marshall, NC, USA)

Living with Bipolar Disorder

Living with Bipolar Disorder

I am 58 years old, male and divorced with three grown sons. I have four brothers and one sister.

I have little if any contact with anyone except home health care nurses who drop in once a week to check on my health.

Otherwise it is very difficult for me to maintain a relationship due to my illness.

I have been on social security now for 12 years. My mood swings come and go rapidly but can also render me very depressed.

My fixed income barely affords me food and shelter. I would like to own a car or truck to get to my doctor visits, shop for food and pick up medications.

It is very difficult getting rides to fulfill my needs and I often go for days with out critical medications.

I have even to hitchhike to doctors' appointments, which isn't safe and causes problems with my other illness such as a-fib, diabetes and COPD.

I never have enough money left over at the end of the month. I have plenty of month left after the money.

I struggle to get to doctors appointments, food shopping and picking up medication. There have been many times I have gone without medications I need for weeks.

Because of the lack of transportation, I've had to cancel doctor visits and go without food shopping.

I am on social security disability and cannot hold down another job because my bipolar moods dictate my professional appearance.

It causes me to have lapses of memory, and I often find myself speaking to someone myself mostly.

My credit scores are so bad no one will allow me a loan on any kind of auto.

I use a walker stroller to get around my apartment and to walk the quarter-mile to a small store in town.

My diabetic condition has affected my legs very much and physical therapy sessions have restored my leg function good enough to drive.

I really need help correcting my credit but have no money to pay a consultant. There are things on my credit reports I believe should have been removed years ago.

A small market down town would probably be a good thing to boost the town's status. Selling Items like bread, potatoes, and other staples people need. Currently there are no small stores that feature the items mentioned.

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