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Bipolar Disabled Adult Child Disability Income Cut Due To Getting Married

by Joe
(Saint Louis, Missouri, USA)

I filed for my Disability prior to age 22. I was married in January of 2007 before my SSDI was awarded and was still in review.

I was legally divorced in September of 2008. The first court date to see a judge the earnings file that the judge had were not mine.

In fact the record was from a person born about 10 or more years before I was.

This Judge harassed me about the record and apparently did not verify that the social security number, date of birth and name, belonged to me.

Prior to my second court hearing I was in a motor vehicle accident that put me into the hospital with a broken hip and pelvis, as well as some cuts and mental trauma.

The second hearing had to be delayed due to me being hospitalized. I was forced to attend my second hearing in a wheelchair due to this accident.

I was awarded SSDI on my deceased father's record in October of 2009 after waiting about 5 years.

I was entitled to around $1,200 per month for my SSDI benefits up until the date of my first marriage. After that date it lowered to less than $300 per month.

I applied for SSI and even with that my total income was and still is under $700 per month.

In May of 2010 I was married to my current wife, In fact today is our one-year anniversary but sadly I was unable to take her to dinner to celebrate.

Due to the auto accident I was fortunate enough to have some extra money to put a down payment on a mobile home, or at least what I thought was a down payment.

Turns out the seller knowing we were first time buyers, mislead us into a lease rather than buying.

If we move from our home we lose the entire "down payment" unless the remaining $10,000 difference in the buyers option is paid.

The house and pad rent together is over $500 per month plus electric around $100 per month, phone $100, and car insurance $70.

If you add those up without including gas for the car or any house items like soap, clothes and such, the monthly amount is more than our income.

My wife was hired for a job about 3 weeks ago and was only given the wrong schedule last week.

So due to the incorrect information she was terminated for a no call no show that was beyond her control.

We are trying to do all we can to stay positive and hopeful. I also have a 6-year-old stepdaughter from my current wife that is about to finish kindergarten.

We hate having to tell her "we can't afford it" when she asks for a toy, movie or even a "cool" shirt she sees at the store.

I thank God for what we have but we are hoping in the future to have a less stressful financial position.

All through school I had problems in my classes from poor focus, depression, mood swings, and other similar problems.

It affected my learning, my home life, and my social life, I had trouble concentrating in class which not only caused problems at school but made people not want to be around me and made my family have to stress about my schooling.

Since school I have lost many jobs due to the same problems and by recommendation my mother helped me file for disability.

Some days I get so low from my bipolar that I don't even feel like getting out of bed, which makes it hard to enjoy the time with my family.

I am legally totally disabled due to my mental illness.

Due to my limited income caused by my bipolar disability I have a lot of financial trouble.

I have little or no money for clothes, gas for the car, bills, insurance for home, and household items. Sometimes I can't even afford the co-pay on my medicine.

I have tried to get help from local organizations with only receiving a small amount of help with the electric bill.

My wife has been applying for as many jobs as she can find and I have be driving her to fill them out and also would take her to her job when she had one due to her not being a licensed driver.

I myself would attempt to work part time if it were not for the fact that we only have one car and only I am able to drive.

I need help in paying our bills and helping with gas for the car and personal items such as clothes, bath items, and other needed items.

If I could find a grant or some sort of benefits to help we would be very grateful. Also any advice on work from home programs would be helpful.

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