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Bipolar Disabled Dad Seeks Help To Escape Disability With Travel Photography

by Philip
(Scurry, Texas, USA)

At the age of 34 I find myself having a hard time in life. Not many 34-year-old males are Bipolar/ADD/ADHD and Dyslexic.

My disabilities prevent me from working, from being with my two sons and from living a normal life.

I spend much of my time working on my own website and taking photos.

You're pretty much born Bipolar/ADD/ADHD and Dyslexic. School was always difficult.

Work became so hard I was forced out. Currently I am seeking new treatment, just so I can deal with day-to-day life.

Unless you're rich, once you are disabled, you no longer have any money.

I live with friends because I cannot afford rent.

Medications are touch and go as are doctors. I just do not have the money to maintain a healthy life.

As for earning money, other than SSDI there is no money coming in.

I would like to use my skills to generate some income, but I need tools, which I cannot afford.

Tools would allow me to use my skills to earn money and support myself much better than I am now.

My need today is to obtain grants to purchase the equipment I need to possibly start my own business.

Currently I already have my domain and website. I want to start my own traveling Photography service. I would offer package deals to with couples on their honeymoons, do corporate retreats, family vacations and so on.

Cost would depend on the length of trip, location and how many photos the client would want.

Marketing is all ready there. All I need is the start-up money to purchase two quality cameras, one great laptop and a good desktop.

I would need to obtain the required travel visas and have money on hand for at least the first 10 jobs until clients and payments start flowing.

The best part, if it works as well as my research predicts, is that I would be able to remove myself from SSDI in 4 years and be working with my disabilities.

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