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Bipolar Disabled Father Seeks Government Housing Grant

by Kenneth Truesdelle
(Long Beach, CA, USA)

My name is Kenneth Truesdelle the second. I was diagnosed in July of 1996 with bipolar disorder. I have three children that I battle every day for to stay free from bipolar breakdowns.

Not knowing how to cope with everyday stress and problems has caused me to have breakdowns and I end up in mental facilities.

In July of 1996 the Long Beach Police department beat me and almost killed me. They thought I was on drugs yet unknown to myself or my family I was bipolar. I almost died.

Since then I have been on medication to try to live a meaningful life and be here for my children. I am a great person inside and out. I just cannot seem to get a hold on being and coping with my disorder.

I have recently gone from having a job, a car, a home, money, food, and the necessities to live a decent life everyday to nothing. I am now without anything.

I was living with my mother and my father who helped me a great deal. Yet about two weeks ago I had a bipolar breakdown and now my family support has run out on me.

It is hard for family and friends to support you when they do not exactly understand how to help you. Do not get me wrong. My family has tried over and over to help me with my disorder yet everything fails.

I feel like a serious failure all the time no matter what I accomplish in my life. I am now homeless and need somewhere to live. I do not know what will happen to me now.

My three children are suffering the most. They worry and cry all the time. My ex-wife has been there for me too. Yet no matter how big a support group I have, I just can't seem to get my life on track.

I spent this past Christmas in a mental institution and my children had to visit me here. I was hurt and so were they. My 11-year-old daughter posted on her refrigerator all she wants for Christmas is her daddy to be home. Well that did not happen.

When I am released from this mental institution I will be on the streets. I am in desperate need of support financially and for housing. This is why I need the grant money.

I need ongoing support as well to help me cope with life and my bipolar disorder. A grant will help me to get on my feet and not be homeless and foodless.

Stress has been my downfall. It triggers my episodes and I am more stressed than ever now. I am at my lowest of lows right now. I pray to God for his support and healing also.

Please, anyone listening, I am looking for some support here. I do not have any resources for help with my condition. Thank you for listening to my story. God bless.

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