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Bipolar Disabled Man Seeks Disability Grant For Medication And Daily Needs

by James
(Portland, Oregon, USA)

I went into the United States Air Force in 1971. I volunteered for Nam or any other SE Asian country right away on my dream sheet.

I ended up getting posted in Herefordshire, England on an exchange program with the British Special Air Service. It is a group that I love and admire until this day.

Disability Issues

I did not know that something was wrong with me until I was about 45 years old.

I had the job I had dreamt of for more than 18 years. I own a home and two cars. I also had a beautiful wife and we were married for 16 years.

One day, it all started coming unwound. I did not know what the problem was but I was unhappy with everything: my wife, job, and house.

Before long, I was using illicit street drugs. Within two years, I lost it all. Everything was gone including my wife. It took another wrecked marriage.

Ten more years after I found out that I had mixed bipolar. I started receiving treatments.

Financial Hardship

After getting off the street drugs, I found I had simply traded one addiction for another. I started gambling.

Sometimes I gamble as much as $3000 per weekend. This was during my second marriage.

I blamed my wife for my gambling issues. I said that she was not listening to me. She was too involved in her own projects to care about me. I was lying to her and myself.

I came to the conclusion that I was worthless. I ended up trying to kill myself on two occasions. Once was by electricity, and the other was by smoking my hand gun.

I have also learned that I cannot manage my money on my own. Now, I have a payee who does it for me.

It is not fun. It’s better than having a slip, stop taking medications, and going through my savings.

Income Efforts

Mostly, my money now comes from my Social Security Disability Income.

I am trying to find a stay at home job or even going back to school if I can find the money.

I am very interested in learning the art of Grant Research and Grant Proposal Writing. I have found out that a local college has a Bachelor of Arts in Grant Writing here in my home town. That is my new goal and dream.

Specific Needs

I need grants to help with my medication, a companion dog, and for what my Social Security Disability Income does not cover. Such things like enough money for food, glasses, dental work, and hearing aids.

My health is not bad. However, I could use help in trying to improve my health as listed above.

Business Ideas

Grant Research and Grant Proposal Writing is where I find my interest in.

I have read about how hospitals and other organizations help people like me with research grants. I would like to help them (and myself) to do more study. This also includes research about what causes and possible treatments/cure for Bipolar.

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Nov 21, 2012
Good News
by: Claudy

You really need to go online to benefits.gov and take the survey. Benefits.gov is all government agencies from federal to state to local and after you complete the survey a list is made for you. The list includes all government agencies that provide the services and benefits you may qualify for. You will have addresses and contact information. It's great!

It's fairly simple but if you need help, ask someone to help you or go to your local library and ask them to help you. I think you'll do fine.

I'm positive there's help for you that you just don't realize it's there for you. You'll be so glad you tried my advice.

Good luck is coming your way soon! I just know it!

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