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Bipolar Disabled Man Seeks Financial Backing For Invention With Potential

by Travis
(Mosheim, Tennessee, usa)

I am a 37 year old, single, African-American male, living in the great state of Tennessee.

I was raised in Springfield, Massachusetts by my Mom, Roberta, along with my younger brother, Robert, a talented lyricist, who has been blessed with three beautiful children of his own.

I also have three stepbrothers and a stepsister as well as four half brothers, sons of my father who recently passed. I also have aunts and uncles and cousins in between, along with their children.

I have yet to be blessed with children of my own, although I have played a role in the lives of a few children (not the same, I know).

I have never had the honor of going into the military.

I went to a four-year college outside of Boston for a total of three years, and was unable to finish due to a wide variety of things, mainly my lack of pushing myself to finish that degree.

I did receive an Associate Degree in Commercial Art/ Graphic Design. I like to paint, draw, design consumer products and aspire to have the financial freedom to go after my dreams and bring them to fruition.

Initially, I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder with manic depression and mild schizophrenia. It was not until I began services in North Carolina that I was diagnosed anew as Schizoaffective, a more umbrella diagnosis from what I was told.

I have been on medication and in therapy since approximately 1997. Although a constant struggle, I have learned to live with this illness and feel blessed despite it.

Due to the severity of my illness I have been advised not to work, which means a lost income opportunity for me.

Lack of sufficient income and the fear of losing the less than $700 income as well as my insurance, has made the "to work or not to work" decision that much harder.

I have an affinity for cars that is insatiable. However, I have yet to fulfill that appetite with the one of my dreams. I may never own my own home except through happenstance.

I think what bothers me the most is when I hear about someone or anyone going through something. I'd like get myself in a position to where I can get a peace of mind pie, not just for me but for everyone.

Since my initial diagnosis I have received an Associates Degree, which under normal circumstances would open up job and earning opportunities.

Since I can't work, I'm thankful for the less than $700 a month SSDI that I receive.

I have worked here and there, nothing that could be considered a career. I have worked as a substitute teacher as well as a substitute special education para-educator, which I really enjoyed.

I have invented something that could be worth quite a bit. The engineering department of Western New England College in Springfield Massachusetts has produced a working prototype for me.

I have purchased a few web addresses in the hopes of profiting from them. I have also tried to promote my art with little success thus far but I anticipate things getting better.

I am looking to improve myself and prove to myself that I can achieve the American Dream. I would like to not have to worry about the rent being paid or having food in the cupboard.

I would like a reliable vehicle that I feel good about driving. I would like to get my invention out into the world marketplace. I would like to have the financial flexibility to be creative as a career and prosper from it.

I would like to have the right tools, resources and knowledge to pursue my goals and dreams with no restrictions other than those placed on myself, or those designed to protect us from us.

I believe my invention with the right financial backing and topnotch marketing, could prove to be fruitful. It would cost approximately a million dollars to produce two to five hundred thousand units, submit a patent and package said units, as well as market and solicit them.

I believe with a good business strategy, paired with a strong financial foundation, this invention could very well break sales records. I have confidence in my invention as well as my ability to be a productive and happy member of society despite my disability.

As of right now I am doing everything pretty much on my own but given the power to hire one or more of my colleagues to help them and myself prosper I would in a heartbeat.

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