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Bipolar Disabled Man Seeks Government Grant Money For Better Living

by Jeff
(Wixom, Michigan, USA)

I am a bipolar-disabled Caucasian male, aged 47. I'm looking for government grant money to help with living conditions and getting SSDI.

I have lived in Michigan most of my life, but have moved out of state a lot recently, because I wasn't able to find work in my home state since 2000.

My family moved quite a bit, so as a child I was subjected to trying to make new friends everywhere we moved. I didn't have many friends.

Once graduating in 1981 I got engaged to my high school sweetheart. I joined the Navy, only to find out that my fiancé was pregnant with my first child, and she wouldn't keep it unless I got out of the service.

As I was still in boot camp, I requested a hardship discharge, and was granted a discharge on a medical.

After that, I was married, and that lasted about a year. I came home from working a crap job in Detroit, only to find my wife with the neighbor.

Divorce hearings and child custody fights soon followed. I received custody, along with my parents, and we raised my daughter.

Another marriage led to another daughter and another divorce, followed by another failed marriage. I am currently working on my fourth.

I started having anxiety, panic attacks and trust issues as a young child, and really started exhibiting them in my early 20s.

By the time I was 30, I decided to go to a mental health facility, where I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, in 1994.

I was on disability for my bipolar disorder, once in 1994 and again in 2003.

I have also been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, and haven't had income or insurance, so receiving help has been very difficult.

My condition seems to be getting worse over the years, as I have become more irritable and demanding, have had more physical ailments, and seemingly more stress.

My wife and I are currently losing our home to foreclosure.

We are both unemployed, disabled, and without an income.

We have a vehicle that is broken down and parked in the garage.

I have little access to treatment, meds or counseling.

I applied for SSDI in October of 2009 and was denied.

I have since then obtained an attorney, and am supposed to go to court soon, but even the attorney isn't too hopeful, as I don't have very much written evidence from counseling and doctors, due to not always having insurance or a place to live.

I am seeking a grant to help with my living conditions, as well as seeking help to obtain SSDI.

If there are any benefits or grants to help the disabled in starting a business, that would be beneficial as well.

A thrift shop would be a great business to start in nearby local communities.

The cost of living is going up, and people's incomes are going stale, or they are losing their jobs. I want to provide quality merchandise at low prices.

The merchandise will be made up of various different items, from furniture to clothing, music to tools, etc.

Marketing will be with social media, business cards and flyers, free spots on the radio, free advertisement through the chamber of commerce who will also provide our Grand Opening and newspaper spots.

It is too soon to project sales and revenue at this time.

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