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Bipolar Disabled Michael Seeks Grant Bridge Money While Awaiting SSI

by Michael Banach
(Whitefield, NH, USA)

I'm Michael and I'm bipolar disabled. I'm married with 2 kids, a boy Tyler 17 and a girl 5 Ryleigh.

About 15 to 20 years ago I was diagnosed with the disease bipolar. I was on and off meds all the time in 2007.

I stopped taking anything to help me because I thought I was okay but as we all know it I was not.

My moods got worse. I was always angry at nothing and I cared about nothing.

I did not care if I did a good job at work. Sometimes I worried it was not good enough.

I bounced from job to job over the twenty years of my life. I stopped paying my bills.

I did not care where we went or where my wife took the kids as long as I got to see them.

I've lost ambition to do anything with my family and lost the few friends I had. I'm always depressed. It's never okay with me even though I thought so.

But recently I became unemployed and this time I can't find a job. Losing my job was not what I planned.

I'm not sure what to do for rent, light, phone or anything of the sort and then I realized it was me that needed to be fixed.

But now what to do? I'm 3 months behind on the rent. I owe thousand of dollars to lights and so on.

I went to the state welfare to get help and got food stamps. Then I worked on Medicaid.

Then I said how do I do rent with no money? What to do? So I went to Social Security. We all know how long that takes.

So I called the Governor's office (no help), then the senate office (a little help). I called more phone numbers. Everyone said no to me. I even e-mailed the White House.

I'm looking for some kind of grant to help me live while I'm waiting for Social Security but without my Medicaid I won't get the help for my bipolar.

I'm on meds again -- Depakote and Seroquel -- but I really need some help please.

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