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Bipolar Disabled Mom Seeks Grant Money To Support Family For 6 Months

by Addie
(Spencer, Iowa, USA)

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 14 years ago after a bad episode with postpartum psychosis when my beautiful daughter was born.

I've been happily married for 18 years to a wonderful man. I work writing grants, press releases, business plans and ghostwriting books while working on my plays, short stories and essays. He remodels houses.

I was in a bad way when I was younger, getting us into terrible debt. We lost our beautiful home and had to move into the inner city.

After a couple of years, we decided to move to where we live now -- a little village near a lake resort area where it's quiet and affordable, and safe to raise our family.

My husband and I could do our work from anywhere, and there were nice, small hospitals nearby if I ever had a big hospitalization problem, which I have not in the four years we've been here.

In fact, my last major episode was 4-1/2 years ago when I was dealing with living in the inner city.

I have compassion for those who reside in the inner cities and maybe I should have stayed to make things better there, but I don't think I'm the right person to do so.

Then my husband started sleeping all the time. He was always stiff and in pain. He got a little better going to the chiropractor a lot, but now when he gets an adjustment, he has to come home and lie down from that.

He works a little, when he can, on remodeling, but only for friends and some very, very patient customers who can wait for his timetable to get their homes fixed.

Basically, I have to support us all. I'm very willing to do so. I do have work coming in, but because we were desperate last Spring and Summer, I agreed to some work for rock-bottom prices.

Basically, I will be making about $1-$2 an hour for these jobs. I did it. I made the contracts, and now I'll live with it, and not make the same mistake again.

If I just had money to tide us over for the next six months, I'd be able to build my writing business to the point I can feel confident asking reasonable prices that show I respect myself and my work.

I have tried jobs in the past, but between my bipolar disorder and family problems (we also have a 17 year old son with autism) they have never worked out.

I have been looking for but have not been offered a full-time job since 2004.

I would be willing to do some writing -- helping with a memoir or writing a business plan or proposal -- for the person who might help me now to cover our basic expenses.

  • $325 a month rent -- I'm basically caught up - it is a low price and a sweet deal with wonderful landlords, but we make up for it in utilities.

  • $75 a month car insurance -- about to be pulled

  • $200 a month electricity

  • $200 a month gas

  • $50 a month water, sewer, garbage

  • $30 a month Internet (I need it to work)

  • $500 groceries (teenagers and 7 year old boy always hungry and husband is underweight)

  • $100 a month clothing as the kids are ever growing

We owe my father in law about $3,000 for helping us fix the car, etc. and it's keeping him from retiring when he wants to.

We owe my mother in law $3,000 for the van she "sold" to us. She lost her job as a pastor at 64 years old with health problems.

She is probably going to have to go on social security and her small pension. She's living with my brother in law now, as she is also destitute.

Any help directing me to government grant money to tide us over for the next 6 months would be so appreciated.

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Nov 21, 2010
Your Post
by: Anonymous

Does your 17 year old son get disability? If not, you might want to consider contacting Social Security. It isn't just for people that have worked. It is also for the disabled. I hope this helps. Prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way.

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