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Bipolar Disabled Mom Seeks Help To Pay Medications And Clear Debt

by Holly
(Springvale, ME, USA)

My Boys

My Boys

I am a single mom of two grown children. I have suffered with bipolar and PTSD all my life.

When I was eight, my three-year-old brother was abducted. We never saw him again. There is still no closure.

My father had a problem with me being overweight and made it known to me every way he could.

I went on to marry a very abusive man. He was an alcoholic and drug abuser and I was the punching bag.

I heard countless times from him that I was going to die. I ran with my children to another state after years of this.

I have worked many jobs trying to support us with these disorders while raising two boys. I am now 47 and broken mentally and physically.

I believe my disabilities began when I was eight and suffered the loss of my brother.

The divorce of my parents and remarriage of both added to it. I was becoming more and more introverted.

I was immediately moved to a state far away from home where I knew no one. I had no social skills due to my disabilities that no one seemed to notice.

I grew, married, was abused.

This all contributed to non-functioning being that I was rapidly becoming. I drew the courage to run with my children.

I worked several jobs. They all ended the same way. I blame it on my lack of social skills due to my disabilities.

I have just been awarded Social Security Disability to the tune of $948 a month.

Due to my bipolar condition I need a car for doctor appointments. I bought one and still owe around $3000 on it. I cannot afford the payments on $948 a month.

I have a $700 a month rent bill.

I must go to counseling, a psychiatrist, a pain specialist and a neurosurgeon each month and have no health insurance.

I have a compressed nerve in my back and have had back surgery that I was just informed will probably never heal.

My prescriptions alone cost well into the hundreds.

I have an old student loan from years ago of around $8000. I studied to get into the healthcare field with the promise of a great income. I could not find a job in the field of medical billing and coding.

I now owe my bank an unknown amount of money due to the fact that I was the victim of crime recently.

I received a cashier's check from a real bank and a real company. I deposited it into my savings account, the funds became available and I used some to pay some household bills.

A week later I cannot access my accounts and am told that my account have been closed due to the check being fake.

I have worked at all jobs I could over the past 29 years, sometimes two or three at a time to ensure my children did not go without, even though I often did.

I moved to another state where the cost of living was lower and worked a full-time job begging for any overtime I could get.

I went to school to be able to get into the healthcare field and was left with no job and a big bill.

I have gone to the town for assistance with rent.

I have gone to the church for help and was told no. I have applied several times for SSDI.

I was just awarded Disability Benefits of $948 a month, which will not be enough to live on.

I was told I do not qualify for SSI.

I was let go from last two jobs at the same time because I needed time off due to my disability.

I need help in paying off my debt: student loan, car and bank. I need help in paying for my medications and doctor expenditures.

I cannot afford food for myself or my pets at this time. I do not know where to turn.

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Sep 07, 2013
Good Luck!
by: AnonymousTerri Sue

I can relate to you and your story, I also have been suffering from the same two disabilities with added clinical depression, and also have two sons. I wish you the very best because I know what it's like to be overwhelmed with debts we can't recover because of our disability. It is a hard story to tell and explain. I am wishing you the very best of luck in the future and do hope and pray you get the assistance you deserve!

Sep 01, 2011
Good help is hard to find.
by: Ken

I think you would be allowed to earn a few bucks without getting your disability deducted. If your boys aren't working, you could maybe put an ad in craigslist for landscapers or house cleaner, not much to invest in on those.

I did the house cleaning and was making $22 an hour for just me. If I brought a helper I would charge $45 per hour. I just used my initials for the cleaning service on craigslist, under "SERVICES" KLM Cleaner's for example, and then I put down that I specialized in move in/out's, reliable, thorough, bondable. Hourly, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Relax you deserve it, Call today for our low rates.

You really can get caught up on your bills with this and if you do a real good job, you will get referrals and steady customers. Just go to the dollar store or thrift stores. You need a Vileda Mop bucket with those snap on clothes not Swiffer stuff. Windex from the dollar store, rags, good all purpose cleaner concentrate and a vacuum cleaner. Good Luck, Ken

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