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Bipolar Disabled Music Man Seeks Survival Help Funding While Studying

by Michael Roberts
(Lanett, Alabama, USA)

I am a 40-year-old male. I have never married nor had kids. I want these things but I guess I'm just a little peculiar.

I have been fascinated by music from day one. As soon as I was able I began to pursue an education in music.

I started college the first time at age 21. I studied for two quarters. I found that I was having great difficulty with this goal.

I subsequently quit and went to work as a welder fabricator for 18 years, all the while still pursuing my love for music.

Disability Issues

The symptoms of my disability first appeared in my senior year of high school. It is believed that bipolar disorder with schizoaffective disorder can be inherited.

My grades began to slip. I began to sleep through class or I would simply skip school all together.

I had one teacher take notice of this change. He, Mr. Henry Osbourne, took up special time with me. Being familiar with these symptoms, he requested that I seek professional help.

I, of course, became defensive. No one wants to be told they have a mental health disorder. By the age of 19 I overdosed on several bottles of psychotropic medications.

I was in foul shape for quite some time but fully recovered. I have now been diagnosed bipolar with schizoaffective disorder.

Financial Hardship

Our government currently considers me destitute. I own nothing. I live with my mother.

I receive $780 a month. It goes to expenses like food, housing, transportation, meds, clothing, etc. I cannot pay the normal everyday expenses that everyone deals with everyday.

My computer was my brother's old computer. This is the only thing I can say I own. I do not have many friends due to the fact that I can't afford to participate in entertaining events.

Income Efforts

I continued to work after being diagnosed for 15 years, 15 tumultuous years. I lost job after job.

For years I wouldn't take my meds, because I didn't believe I had a problem. Finally one afternoon at the age of 32, I again attempted suicide. Again I survived because of a surprise guest.

At this point my psychiatrist suggested that I try for Disability until we can get this under control. So I quit work and applied for Disability and as of seven years ago I was accepted.

I have tried work-from-home jobs each a great failure.

Specific Needs

I am here simply to ask for some financial assistance to help me survive while I return to school.

I have received enough federal aid to go to school, but the unexpected costs of school such as certain suggested software and hardware are beyond my reach.

I do receive food assistance but only $100 a month.

At the same time I (with the help of a couple of old girlfriends) also take care of my elderly disabled mother.

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