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Bipolar Disabled Navy Veteran Seeks One Time Personal Assistance Grant

by Marion Keith Boatman
(Axtell, TX, USA)

My name is Marion Keith Boatman. I am an honorably discharged US Navy veteran with bipolar disorder, diagnosed and treated since 1981.

I am 53 years old, divorced with two grown sons.

I currently receive a veterans pension with a pay deduction because of previous accidental over payment, I now only receive $865 a month to survive on.

I have yet to file for service-connected disability. There is no doubt that my service duty period aggravated and began my first extreme bipolar episode, which led to early discharge.

Once home I experienced bipolar episodes from then on. I had not before my service period, at which time I was 17 years old.

It destroyed my marriage years ago. I lost both my sons. I ran away and lived on the streets and hid away from my family because of bipolar episodes, which I had never had prior to being in the Navy.

I have no home of my own. I live with my parents, and at times during episodes I still run away and live periods on the streets homeless.

I pay my monthly $865 to my family for housing, food, transporting me, clothes etc.

I have no vehicle, nor will I ever have the money to purchase a vehicle and live on my own at my present pay rate.

I plead for a one-time assistance grant to be able to situate myself as a normal citizen, which I feel I deserve.

This is my first attempt and most likely only attempt to make a request for a personal assistance grant for bipolar disorder for a disabled vet on pension.

My life at this time is a humiliation: walking, no vehicle, no home of my own, no furnishings. I am 53 years old and own some clothes and live with my parents.

I am looking for a one-time grant to help me get on my feet to live the life every American veteran deserves and needs to feel whole again.

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