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Bipolar Disabled Single Mom Desperate For Temporary Financial Help

by Emily Turner
(Florence, AL, USA)

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2004, but the signs and symptoms of the illness had already made an undeniable mark on my life and story by then.

At that time, I was married to a controlling and verbally abusive husband, and had been teaching school for seven years.

I started out doing a wonderful job, but it seemed that each year, I had less energy to do the job well. I was missing work more and more, and I was tired and depressed much of the time.

My son was born in 2001, and he is an extremely demanding child. He is not unruly or mean, just full of life and constantly moving, questioning, and interacting with those around him.

He was diagnosed with a severe case of ADHD at a time when I was hesitant to "buy in" to such a diagnosis.

Yet, the medications he takes each day do help him feel more normal and perform tasks in a more focused way at school.

A combination of things led us to where we are today.

After resigning from my teaching job to care for my child, the mania and depression were extremely fierce. I had no support at home.

My husband didn't understand why I couldn't just handle it. He was very hard on John Thomas, my son, and on me.

I left with my son and little else in December 2008. At first, it was the happiest I could remember being.

But after being labeled as being "bipolar" I was passed over teaching jobs again and again.

There was no question about what a good teacher I was.... the questions were always about the illness and that the staff didn't understand, etc...

I was forced to take jobs delivering pizzas or waiting tables, which neither paid the bills or kept me healthy.

I started off strong at these jobs and then I would just crash from emotional and physical exhaustion.

Currently, I am in the final stages of a promising appeal for disability, which would give me a chance to raise my son. I have no other hope. I am out of money until then.

I don't know how I will pay my basic bills, and I am terrified. My son and I are very close, and I don't want to see him hurt by my illness.

I am torn between giving up custody to his father, who is mean and sarcastic, and keeping him with me, a home full of stress because of bills right now.

I desperately need help making it another 1-2 months. ANY HELP at ALL would be a blessing. Please help me find a way out of this box I feel so scared and trapped in.

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Aug 28, 2018
Open to receive
by: Akasha Nicole

I am responding again as I have evolved quite positively and no longer suffer from bi-polar. I have learned to meditate and use holistic and alternative therapies along with journaling to help myself remain grounded and at peace. I also share what I've learned and have become an inspiration for some others. My heart now guides me to serve. I am an energy worker, helper, massage and sound therapist and at yes, still a single mom. I am also studying daily and learning about the power of intentional manifestation, creativity and love.
And yet I still run out of money and struggle. My vision is to have enough to give more and continue to to grow and share. If you want to help make a great dream come true I am ready to receive help. Please email me at kaufmanngirls@att.net let's help create a better world together. There is hope! I can help. Namaste, Akasha Nicole

Aug 26, 2018
Bipolar disorder benefits for women
by: Michelle Lisby

I read your story and couldn't help but to let you know that I'm 33 yrs. Old I'm currently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and having a hard time getting around to my doctors appointments for gas money I'm living with my boyfriend and he's a huge help with me. He's trying to understand me and take time out for me and don't have time for his self he works from home to make ends meet with my daily needs. So I'm trying to seek disability grants benefits so that it can help with my daily financial stability with food and help with my prescriptions, and money for gas to get to my appointments and handle my errands. Thank you for who ever is reading this hope I can seek the extra financial help....

Jun 22, 2011
I can relate. Hope better now...
by: Nicole

I was searching for help as a single mom on disability and found your post. I hope your situation is much improved by now and wonder if you discovered any ideas which may work for our family.

Quite frankly, with dealing with my bipolar crap, sometimes it's hard for me to just get out there and be around people. How did you do it? What help were you able to find? Did you discover more mom's like us out there? How are you doing with being bipolar? What medications are working for you? (I am still trying to get the right "mix" with my doctor.) How is your son?

I truly hope you are in a much better space and feel good about yourself and are no longer struggling. Any wisdom you wish to share will be welcome.

Blessings, Nicole

Jun 10, 2011
Wish I could help...
by: 7!e11y

As I started to read your story I paused and thought when did I write this. So I completly understand there's not much help out there but try churches and make sure you go in person. My sister had to take my son cause I couldn't do it anymore but I have other health issues. Best of luck. Wish I could help.

Nov 09, 2010
Financial Advice For Single Mothers
by: Spencer Jones

Single mom financial help is out there, but you are going to have to get out there and find it yourself. In my years as counselor, I encouraged hundreds of single moms who needed financial assistance. However, most of the women I knew failed to actively look for a way to get that help. Most simply endured their situation without seeking to actually change it. You don't want to do this. If you are in a bad situation as a single mother, get out there and see if you can get the help that you need to make a difference.

Apr 10, 2010
I can help you...
by: Anonymous

I am a single mom and I can give you a hand. Let me know.

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