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Bipolar Disabled Single Mother Of Four Seeks Debt Relief Help

by Carrie McFaden
(Altavista, VA, USA)

I'm a disabled single mother of four in need of immediate debt relief. I'm unemployed, but job hunting. I need money to help me pay:

- my rent, which is $435 per month,
- the electric company bill which is over $700 and about to be turned off,
- my gas bill which is overdue,
- my internet/cable bill (which I need to do job searches),
- my cell phone bill, and
- my car insurance, which is about to be cancelled.

I try not to ask for help but I am desperate. My children were taken away in 2007 after a suicide attempt that put me in a coma for three days.

I am bipolar. My ex went to jail in 2007 for molesting my 10-year-old daughter. I was going to school full-time, and had to volunteer my time to get a TANF check. I had no one to really help me so I got depressed.

Well my parents took in my daughter and my father-in-law took in my sons until I could get back on my feet.

When I got out of the hospital I went to live with my mom and dad. I finished school with two associate degrees and a 3.8 average and a job.

Within a year of working I got a two-bedroom apartment, which gave me the opportunity to get full custody back of my daughter and joint custody of my boys but not physical custody until I could move in a three-bedroom apartment.

Everything was going good. I got into a three-bedroom home, but than came the blizzards of 2010, which shut down most of east coast.

I missed five days of work because of the roads condition. Two of those days I was sick with a fever and a sore throat too.

My boss did not care that I even tried to come to work on those days and ran off the roads multiple times and reduced my hours to PRN or as needed.

I got upset and left the room to calm down and they took that as me quitting. I tried for unemployment and was denied several times, which I do not understand because the girl that left with me on the same day for the same reason got unemployment and I did not.

I have filled out and sent out over 150 resumes since February 12th with no results except for, "sorry we filled the position already or you need that degree instead of the degrees you have."

Overdue are: my rent, my electric, my gas and my cable (which is also my Internet carrier and that is where I do most of my job searches and applications.)

My cell phone has been turned off for a while now but the bill keeps piling up and my insurance is due and about to be cancelled, which means I will not be able to drive anymore anyway.

I just don't know what else to do. I have 11 cents to my name. I have sold everything that I can. My depression is just out of control now because I am so worried about my money situation.

I stay up all night so I can spend as much time on the computer researching jobs, filling out applications, and emailing resumes.

I can't go to stores or places of businesses because I don't have gas money to get anywhere. I had to borrow $5 to take my daughter to the E.R. when she chipped a bone in her ankle and when we got home I was on empty again.

In a few days my car insurance will be cancelled if I don't get that paid. I do get a TANF check but it doesn't even cover half my rent and food stamps.

I just want to get my kids under one roof and where my boys enjoy being at. They hate living with my ex-father-in-law because he has an anger management problem. I even had to call social services on him.

When I do have them they are happier and when they are picked up from my place they cry because they do not want to go back.

I just don't want to lose this apartment and I am in danger of that. If I do lose the apartment, my daughter and I have no place to go for there is no more room at my parents' home.

I have exhausted all the help I can get from my family. They are also in dire straits. I already owe them money and would like to pay them back one day.

If I was to get a grant I would use it for my bills and if I have any extra after that I would put it in savings for the next bill is due.

I will still look for a job every day as I have been but it would be one less worry for me to have my bills caught up. Please consider helping me. Thank you.

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