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Bipolar Disabled Widow Seeks Mood Swing Grant Money For Online Business

by Barbara
(Belle Chasse, LA, USA)

I'll admit that I'm 61. And, I will also tell you that that is just a number and that I am living at my peak.

When I was in my 50s, my sons felt that I was old. Now, they think that I'm the wisest and coolest mother.

They think that I'm also the strongest mom because I raised them so well after the demise of their father.

In my teens, an IQ exam concluded that I was at the level of high intelligence of 140.

Though bipolar-ism befuddles me at times, and makes me feel that I am held captive to it, I challenge myself to continue my medication and therapy as well as living optimistically.

It's ironic that my illness is mental but my mentality condition is above that and urges me toward ideas that I am worthy and capable of so much more and I would like to explore that.

Unfortunately, bipolar stigmatism and age doesn't open many opportunities for me. So, I've become computer savvy and a web surfer hoping to find an at-home online position.

Indeed, I have discovered quite a few online jobs, which require capital and training.

I can perform the tasks very well that are demanded of me. I CAN!!! The only obstacle ahead is capital, since rent and utilities pretty much exhaust my disability income.

I believe in myself and I hope that you, in turn, will believe in me so that I can achieve a productive life.

Bipolar illness has proven in research that it is a gene within a person that initially manifests at a young age. Retrospectively, my mental issues triggered at the age of 17 and they were manifested at the age of 30 when I suffered from a nervous breakdown.

The following 30 years included hospitalizations, psychosomatic medications and my efforts to stabilize my perspectives.

I've come a long way and I've resolved a lot of past, present and future matters. I'm at the point where I have the potential to becoming more than my disease.

Because of my debilitating disc disease, I'm unable to perform menial tasks around the home.

Going through all the red tape, I'm not eligible for federal, state, agency aid because my SSD is $27 more than standard requirements.

Due to mental and physical ailments, working outside my home is not an option. I'm restricted from driving.

I'm currently on seven medications and psych drugs are expensive. After paying household expenses, I have $85 left for the month.

I spend hours daily online searching for earning opportunities and I keep my ears open for any that may come along.

Also, I keep checking the newspaper. Not too long ago, I placed an ad in my local paper.

I bought Lesko's book on grants and I've applied for some but I encounter rejections due to the fact that I have a mental illness and I'm on SSD.

I'm looking for benefits and grants that would enable me to be trained at the two specific online jobs (Specialty Merchandise Corporation (SMC) and Herbal International) that I have researched. One charges $199 and the other $300.

I will need financing to set up websites designed to reach the target markets.

The corporations that I mentioned above offer me a mentor to guide me through their program.

With my SSD free and clear, I'll be able to remit payment for my medical bills and therapy. I sincerely promise that I can operate these two opportunities.

I know that with the proper funding, I'm on my way to a career that will provide for my needs and allow me to lead an independent lifestyle.

I don't know of anything other than benefits and grants to propel me to a productive life.

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Oct 19, 2011
Online Business Sponsorship
by: Don from Accessible.Org

Hi Barbara,

Don here from Accessible.org.

Check out this link:

You can get a free sponsorship to build an online business. Poking around in that site and especially completing the application form would also tell you whether building an online business is for you.

I hope this helps!


Don from Accessible.org

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