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Bipolar Disabled Woman Seeks Education Grant To Better Family Life

by Nichole
(Pleasant Grove, UT)

Hello. My name is Nichole and I am a 33-year-old married woman of 12 glorious years.

I am the middle child of 9 and have wonderful, supportive parents. I am looking forward to becoming a mother in the near future and know that I will be excellent.

I have a huge heart and loving personality. I just want everybody to be happy! I have wanted to go back to school for some time now but have found it difficult to do because of a tight financial situation.

I was diagnosed as being bipolar 3-1/2 years ago and it totally changed my life. After being diagnosed I went through hell the first couple of months trying out different medications and therapies.

I have finally found a medication that works specific to my needs and it balances me out quite wonderfully! My official status is bipolar.

My financial hardships throughout this have been great. During the first couple of months, I couldn't even think about holding down a job or providing any kind of financial help to my husband.

Since being on this medication, I have been able to hold down a full=time job for 3 years and though it's only minimum wage, I feel like I'm at least contributing to the family now.

Financially the medication is very expensive even with insurance, but it's something we plan on every month.

Home life is very good now that I have something to label myself as being. Though I don't let my illness hold me back from things I want out of life.

In the beginning I was just depressed and didn't know what was wrong with me. I was constantly tired and withdrawn from family activities. I missed out on so many family get-togethers because of my illness.

Nothing was important to me. I was just coasting by letting life happen.

My attempts to earn a living are going good at the present time, though I didn't have a job for the first 6 months after being diagnosed. I couldn't even think about holding a job or even getting out of bed in the morning.

I am currently a security guard making minimum wage with no chance at any kind of raise. I have been with the current company for 3 years and enjoy my job, but I want to do more and achieve more out of life.

I work graveyard shift, which is okay for my situation, because the medications I take make me tired when I get home.

My Doctors have made it easier for me to work this shift and take my medication on a schedule that is right for me at this time.

I am looking at increasing my knowledge and advancing myself in the medical field.

I am looking for a grant of some kind to help me achieve my goal of becoming a Respiratory Therapist.

This is one step of many I am making to increase my knowledge and worldly experience.

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Sep 07, 2011
Bipolar Grant
by: Ken

Perhaps you may see if you qualify here:
Hope this link works. Good luck!

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