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Bipolar Disorder Disabled Father Seeks Grant Money For Housing And Vehicle

by William
(Frenchburg, Kentucky, USA)

I'm a 24-year-old bipolar disabled father living in rural Kentucky.

I enjoy spending time with my wife and our almost four-month-old son and our dog.

Also I work on computers as a hobby.

Disability Issues

I have (manic-depressive) bipolar disorder. It's a disorder that affects your mood and it's hard to deal with. It happened about three years ago.

It's shifted my moods so bad that I can function properly. At times it makes it so hard for me to provide for my family.

I've been disabled for three years now and I've been having serious financial trouble ever since.

Financial Hardship

Its very difficult to keep everything together and have the rent and bills paid and have what I need for my son and wife.

Clothes have to usually be bought second hand.

We currently have no car. Usually when we do its falling apart and the repairs are to expensive. We mainly need a car so we can take our baby to the doctor for checkups or emergency purposes.

Earning Efforts

Social security disability is my only source of income and I barely make it every month.

Specific Needs

I'm needing assistance for a stable life. If I had a car I might be able to look into the option of getting an education but if nothing else to provide transportation for my family.

I greatly need housing assistance for the security of knowing I'll always have a place for my family and myself to reside.

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Sep 09, 2012
Meds help those who help themselves!
by: Ken

Hello William,

Sorry that you are feeling so depressed. Are you taking the right meds? Find a bit of advice here:

http://www.helpguide.org/mental/bipolar_disorder_medications.htm copy

My friend has had this for over 30 years and is functioning quite well. Everyone is different, but no drugs will work on their own. You have to make the effort. My wife had such a severe brain injury that the doctors said she would never be able to do anything by herself. They were wrong. It took me the last three years to help rehabilitate her, and she is coming along fine.

Don't give up William. There are people out there that can't go to the bathroom by themselves, wash, eat, dress or do anything by themselves. Be grateful that you have the knowledge to know the difference. Go to the churches to see if anyone has a car they don't need, or go to craigslist to see if someone wants to donate.

I am sorry William, but I don't see what the government can do for you. You must try a little harder. I hope you can!

God Bless,

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