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Bipolar Disorder Disabled Grandmother Seeks Grant For Education And Daycare

by Robin Crayton
(Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

My name is Robin and I need some help. I suffer from epilepsy and very severe migraines.

I had a long life of abuse from my deceased husband, as well as from my parents, who are also deceased.

I started my college career last year and I'm having problems getting to and from school.

I receive SSI for my illness and my depression and bipolar disorder.

I'm having a hard time managing my bills and my household. I only get $679 a month and that's not enough to do my laundry and buy food.

I don't have decent clothes to wear to school or to class or to the doctor's office, or even outside my house.

My gas bill is over $4,000 and my light bill is over $3,000. I struggle day after day and it's very stressful.

Some days I want to end it all, but I know there's more to life. I can't even invite my nine grandkids over because I have nothing to offer them.

You know what children expect when they come to visit. At Christmas time I had to unplug my phone because I had nothing for them, and I usually do.

My major in college is early childhood education, because I love children. I want to teach them how to survive in this world they growing up in.

Some parents are losing their focus on their children. I want to teach them to stay focused. I want to build a big daycare in my home; that's my dream.

All I need is the funds, and the resources. That's why I need the grant money, to further my education, and attend to children's needs and to mine.

I want to work with children with special needs too. I don't know where else to turn. The children need my help and I need yours.

Thank you for taking time out to read this. Your concern is appreciated. A government disability grant can help me reach my goal and education, and help build my daycare.

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