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Bipolar Disorder Disabled Inventor Seeks Grant Money To Help Monetize His Ideas

by Steven
(Roswell, NM, USA)

I'm a struggling inventor who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia a little over 10 years ago.

I'm 32, just flipped the digit on March 9. I've never been married. I am a single, straight male and I love and deeply thank our Armed Forces for all that they do. God bless the USA including you and me!

I have two cousins currently in the Navy, and I'm thankful every day for the courage and honor that they bring to the family.

I am also pleased with you dear reader, just for taking the time to read and review my story and offer comments.

My disability has been hard on my physical and mental status, but I try to keep faith and continue to fight off the depression by focusing on the good that is life.

I'm trying to start up, to enter the door I've been banging on for a couple of years. With financial hardship, it's not easy to find a person or place you can turn to.

I've been looking things up about "Invention Grants" for a little while, and, so far, I really haven't found a way to reach a suitable investor. I know there are angels out there, but having no money myself, and this being my first venture, it's been difficult.

I've found an Invention Company that will do the research, make the prototype and even help make a success of my idea, which is rather simple, but if I may say so, quite ingenious.

After executing a nondisclosure agreement, I'd be happy to send potential investors the drawings I've made of it, to give them a better idea of their investment prospects.

I'm so glad I found Ability-Mission.org. It seems to have reinvigorated me and given me new hope. I'm excited about it!

The bipolar disorder that afflicts me has a way of nagging at my self-will. It sometimes makes me think and question, "How, when or even why?"

However, I know deep down inside that it's going to happen. It's just a matter of time. I'll eventually find someone I can trust and that will cancel out all the doubt from the inside out.

I was lost about 10 years ago. That's when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder schizophrenia and sent to a group home.

It was bad.

My thoughts were all dismal and I thought that I had no one or nothing. It really changed my life and now that I think about it, it really opened up my eyes.

I've been fooled in the past, but now I have a better understanding, which helps me to be stable throughout this ordeal and I try my best every day to invent.

I'm still going through this life with the right kind of attitude, because chances are as big as my heart. I stay positive through it all, because I know tomorrow is just a night away.

Although I'm an inventor living on SSI, I feel that I'm also a charismatic, motivational writer and if I could, I'd just like to share a bit with you. Maybe you'll like it. Who knows? Here goes…

"Believe, perceive and achieve your dream. Life can bring beautiful things. Continue to be you, and unfold the fine design in your mind."

My financial hardship is a result of not being able to work. I have difficulties in talking to people and I'm allergic to leather and rubber so I can't wear shoes. I can't and don't really get out much.

Since I don't have any real friends, it's hard for me to keep a conversation. I do try to open up to family.

My mother is a winner and she helps me with whatever she can. She's the only person I really see or even talk to, for months at a time.

Despite the seclusion, I remain optimistic, realizing that anything is possible, because I know this can be beat and I'm just that type of person who can beat it!

I'm a better writer than I am a conversationalist, so if we speak, just remember, it's a little new to me.

I haven't really been able to accumulate any real money. I'm on a fixed income and all that I have at the end of the day is already spent. I try to get ahead but with the price of living, I'm just in the red.

I am on SSI, which pays less than $700 a month. I pay the house and am on food stamps right now, but I still feel fortunate, living in the greatest country in the world and shielded by liberty. After all, "I'm free!"

I'm looking for a grant that will allow me to start my first invention with an invention company called "Davison."

I know I'll need $30,000 to see it through. Just to be out of the box, back in the world and able to fit in, would be breathtaking.

I also have a book in store, but I'm not going to rush it. I know I have many good, positive things to contribute to the world.

I'm hopeful in coming to Ability-Mission.org to help others see the potential of my ideas and inventions.

Thank you for the opportunity and your time.

Steven C Nunez

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Jan 09, 2014
The Same Boat as You
by: Anonymous

I've been suffering from the same issue since childhood and now I'm 60. I've developed 28 inventions and or altered items. I'm yet to be discovered. If you have any luck I hope you post the results as I need a foundation to prosper as well. Our plan is to relocate to New Mexico in 2014 and I'd love to see your success story in person. Good luck my friend. Mark Edwards. Facebook me. I live in Marysville, Ohio

Aug 07, 2012
From one to another
by: Torena S

I have the same disorders as you do and it's a curse but also a blessing. Right now I wouldn't be struggling if I only had believed in myself. I hope you know that you can't do it without God. Pray with an open heart. Please don't let the doctors overmedicate you as they did me. I want to be a living testimony and I just had to let you know that there are people like you and you're not the only one. I hope you succeed and become all you've dreamed of. Keep your faith. Good luck!

Mar 16, 2012
Hi Steve the inventor!
by: Laurie

Hi Steve,

Once I thought of something that I've never seen before. I wanted to patent it, but the cost was so prohibitive I didn't pursue it.

I have MS and I have a hard time with my hands. I have special utensils for eating, but on bad days they are sometimes too heavy to hold and food falls off on the plate, floor, me, hopefully not on any restaurant patron. When that happens I could care less about eating. :)

I miss Italian sandwiches though. In fact, I miss all sandwiches. Because my hands are numb, I can't feel how hard i'm gripping them, so my fingers make holes in the bread and everything falls out.

While I can't help you monetarily, you sound very smart and I hope someone will see your passion for what you want to do. I did try to make a sandwich holder but failed miserably. There's an idea for ya! You could be our next Thomas Edison. I wish you many successes. You deserve it. God bless you and I hope you get the help you need.


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