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Bipolar Disorder Disabled Karen Seeks Grant To Better Life For Self And Mom

by Karen Meadows
(Livingston, Louisiana, USA)

Hello. My name is Karen Meadows. I am 44 years old and I live in Livingston, Louisiana with my mother, who is 66 years old and on Social Security.

I have one daughter, Danyel, who is 28 years old. I adopted her when she was three years old from my then husband's baby sister, who could not take care of her.

I am originally from Pearl, Mississippi, where I was born and raised. My father passed away in 1994 at the age of only 48 from a massive heart attack.

I had a half- brother, who sadly died at the young age of 28 from an apparent heart attack. I also have an older sister, who is 46 years old and lives in Brandon, Mississippi. However, we are estranged.

Disability Issues

The disabilities that I have are Bipolar Disorder, Severe Social Anxiety Disorder and Borderline Agoraphobia. My Bipolar began in my early teens; however, I was not officially diagnosed until my mid 30s.

My disorders prevent me from working, although I have tried a few times. It is hard for me to be around a large amount of people, and very hard for me to let people get close to me.

It took years to let the people that are in my inner circle to get close to me or touch me. It is difficult to go on outings, go to church, go to family functions and even to go to medical appointments.

I am not sure how my disorders evolved, but I am pretty sure they were genetic. I do have a Facebook account, and I keep up with people that way.

Financial Hardship

My financial hardship began three years ago, in 2011, when my daughter, who lived in Louisiana, begged my mother and me, who lived in Mississippi to move here to Louisiana to be near her and her daughter, who was 18 months old at the time.

She claimed that since her husband worked offshore on a tugboat, she was lonely and that her in-laws were not very nice to her. She explained that she needed her mother and her grandmother near her and wanted us to create a bond between ourselves and her daughter.

Reluctantly, we agreed to move here, using all our savings, walking away from a house that we could not sell due to the housing market, leaving all our family and friends, and moving to a state where we knew no one, save my daughter.

At that time, my mother owned a car that she had paid cash for in 2000, therefore having no car note. In July of 2012, my daughter insisted that we get a new car, because ours was "old" and she would not let her daughter ride in it.

Our car was in very good shape and had no mechanical problems. We told my daughter that we could not afford a new car note, and did not have the credit to buy a new car, but she insisted, and said that she would co-sign the new car.

Once down at the dealership, my mother signed over the title to her car, and believing that Danyel was co-signing for the car, she stepped outside.

My daughter later came outside and informed my mother that she put the new car in her husband's name instead, claiming he could get a better rate. We were tricked, now my mother's car was in my son-in-laws name.

Between that time and now, my daughter has made many bad choices in her life, and as a direct result of her choices between her and her husband, my son-in-law took the car away from my mother and sold it.

We had done nothing wrong, yet we were a casualty in their disputes. I trusted my daughter when my mother blindly signed her car over to her as a trade in on the new car, and now we are without transportation, estranged from my daughter, and no longer allowed to see my grandchildren.

We have also found ourselves in the position of having to move from our current location.

Income Efforts

I have previously tried to work, but was unable to due to my disability. I collect $704 in Social Security Disability each month and $37 in SSI.

My mother collects $1539 in Social Security. She makes too much to receive food stamps, but I receive $174 a month in food stamps.

There are no available work-at-home jobs in our area, and the ones advertised are scams that you have to pay for.

We have asked our church for help, but have been told there is no money in the benevolence fund.

We have asked friends and family for help, but no one has the money to help us. Sadly, we are on our own here.

I have not applied for a grant because I would not know where to look for one, or how to apply for one.

Specific Needs

I would like to receive some sort of grant that would provide us enough money to buy a reliable, not expensive, used car, and enough money to move, covering expenses such as deposits, moving truck, etc.

I am not asking for much, just enough to get us back on our feet again.

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Aug 14, 2014
Louisiana Luck
by: Donald


That sounds like a real bummer. Be sure to follow the process set out in the Disability Help Guide Workbook. You are eligible for the Workbook now that your story is published.

Don Coggan

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