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Bipolar Disorder Disabled Man Seeks Pell Grant Supplement To Finish Degree

by Jacob Scott Barnes
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)

My name is Jacob Barnes. I am 27 and married to Elizabeth, my lovely wife of four years.

I also have a beautiful one-year-old daughter named Katie.

I am on SSDI for my bipolar mood disorders. I was in and out of the crisis unit right after I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder in Clinton, Oklahoma.

The crisis unit was called Red Rock. It was Doctor Ahn I saw there when I was age 20 to 21. She still works there today.

I was denied SSDI three times before I got it when I was about 22. I also suffer from severe depression and severe social anxiety.

Today I am doing much better and am trying hard to get off my disability so I can go back to work.

I am currently enrolled in an associates of criminal justice degree at Liberty University.

I have had no hardships with work, transportation, medication or anything else. My Medicare and Medicaid have helped a lot with my medicines and many doctor visits.

I have not been able to work since I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder almost six years ago when I first got on SSDI.

I am looking for grants to go to my college. I'm currently enrolled full-time online at Liberty University in Virginia.

I don't see just the Pell grant and subsidized Stafford loan being enough to take four to five classes every semester.

After this summer semester I only enrolled in two classes to get my feet wet. I plan on taking four to five classes every semester after this June to August session is over.

Please help me. I have been medicated right for a year now and want to really do something good with my life and in the near future get off of my SSDI and help support my family.

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May 29, 2012
There is help.
by: Sara Cunningham

Have you gone to http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ and looked through the scholarships that are available? Also, you can get a ticket to work from the Social Security Administration and use it for the Vocational Rehabilitation Department in your area and they will help you with your education.

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