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Bipolar Disorder Disabled Mom Seeks Disability Grant For Family Daily Needs

by Michael
(Rochester, New York, USA)

I am 23 years old and have a 23 month old daughter. I live with my disabled mother, my close friend Tiffany, and my fiancée Emily.

We have a dog named Shutzi that we drove down to NC to save from being transferred to a dog pound. We also have a green iguana named Petrea.

I have a strong and healthy family history on my mother's side. I haven't seen my father since I was 3. I grew up with my grandparents. I called them Oma and Opa. They came to America in 1957 from Germany.

My Opa was a radar specialist on the German side and my Oma was in the Red Cross.

I know little about my Opa. He was caught by the British. All he remembered was his truck got bombed while he was seeing his best friend's head roll by. However, he was happy he moved to America.

They passed away in 2005. My Oma was unplugged from machines and my Opa had a massive heart attack.

Disability Issues

I've been diagnosed to have bipolar since I was 16. It made school life very hard for me – fighting, anger, and hearing voices. I ended giving up myself and dropping out of high school.

The mood swings kept getting worse. It got harder every day when I try to stay calm. I still hear voices every now and then.

I become hot tempered easily. I only sustain myself when I'm with my daughter. She is my will to fight.

But the bipolar keeps fighting back at me and making it hard to focus. All I can do is pray and try to get better every day.

Financial Hardship

Being a mother with a disability, it makes living so hard. We got to the point where we asked for money from friends.

All the time, we never have money to buy needs like food and other stuff. We got to the point of being in debt.

I went in debt when I was around 18. That was when I switched from being a child to an adult.

I lost my cheque and we were all affected. I went into debt with cards, car, and personal loans. It seemed like we never lived comfortably.

Income Efforts

I've tried many cases to get help from different places. My church is broke and can't pay their bills. Thus, we received no help.

We don't understand how to get grants at all. I did some jobs through school but when I dropped out, it did not help.

Specific Needs

I'm into the point of looking for grants to help fix our home, fully own it and our car, as well as give my daughter and mother a great life.

My mom is ill already so I want her to still live happily. I will keep trying and doing the best that I can.

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