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Bipolar Disorder Disabled Veteran Needs Help To Relieve Burden On Wife

by Michael
(Holland, MI, USA)

I am 43-year-old disabled Desert Storm veteran. I am on my second marriage, which is severely strained because of my disability.

My wife has learned over the years how to help me, but she too is growing weary. She is also on medication because of me. I have one beautiful daughter aged 15.

As to my disability, I can only remember back to around five years old. I believe I have been bipolar since then.

Back then it was manic depression. I was actually diagnosed hyperactive when I was about 11 years old. I had been on Ritalin and Cylert.

I was in numerous foster homes from age 3 to 10. I was finally adopted at age 10 from a foster home. I had the best year of my life while I was in the 3rd grade.

My life turned for the worse when I was in the 4th grade, the first year I was adopted. I never fit in life from there on. I was always made to feel the outcast no matter who or where I was.

My 4th grade teacher used to call out to me in front of the whole class and asked if I had my pill, or it is time to take your pill.

That caused me a lot of playground fights. And I have gotten into a lot of fistfights right up till my late 30s.

I was sexually, physically and mentally abused when I was in the birth home. I have cigarette burns on my groin from prior abuse from my birth mom.

I am on Social Security for extreme bipolar disorder, alcoholism and numerous other issues.

My doctor has diagnosed me with PTSD, depression and intermittent explosive disorder.

Since losing my final job in 2008, I got a firm to get me my disability. I always felt like people were talking about me, plotting against me and provoking me.

I have had 20 jobs in 10 years. I went from making $30,000+ to less the $15,000 a year. The reduced income has made me more dependent on my wife, and is taking my identity.

I have had two DUIs. My wife pays about $5000 in deductibles for my medications a year. I am currently retaining a lawyer for bankruptcy.

I have held several different jobs since I got out of the army. I have had supervisors literally tell me that they have never had an employee like me.

I have been told I have no people skills. I have been told that supervisors don't want me in their departments. I have been told people don't want to work with me.

I would like to be helped out financially, so that my wife doesn't have to bear the sole burden of our livelihood. She has insurance, which I cannot afford. She pays for everything.

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