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Bipolar Disorder Disabled Woman Seeks Government Grant For Lakeside Retreat

by Vernell Cole
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

I'm no Martin Luther King, Jr., but I too, "have a dream." Off medication, my life consisted of one psychiatric ward visit after another in and out and back in again.

Depression, sometimes sleeping 16-20 hours a day, and afraid of being amidst terrifying panic attacks that were indescribably debilitating and left me unable to feed myself or shower and get dressed every day.

It's called bipolar disorder, and it carries a heavy toll. I can't describe the level of pain it put my family through.

I recall my wonderful God-fearing father and mother in dire straits, with my dad restraining me as I convulsed and screamed in terror. I was trapped in this crippling state, and no matter how badly I wanted to recover, I just couldn’t.

That went on far too long and aged my family greatly. I was unable to work. My mom was able to have me listed as a disabled individual. We tried numerous medications to no avail.

Finally a wonderful doctor found a medication for me that changed my life, and since then my problems have been much less apparent and I have been able to deal with them substantially better.

My goal that I hope to achieve, if it's the will of God, is to welcome disabled people with special needs or circumstances to "the dream."

This place would be a fabulous getaway in a small, but grand historic lakeside community a place where all can come to relax and be comfortable.

Having this opportunity available to those who would benefit from it would mean so much. Sometimes, the everyday struggles of life can be a bit too much to handle. A brief time to relax and refocus would immensely help anyone staying at this comfy haven.

However, there is one small dilemma. This can be, no, will be somewhat costly. However, we spend billions of dollars on entertainment in this country, while we would only be spending thousands of dollars on this project.

Financially, I can't afford this dream, but my heart is hopeful. God has blessed me with people that have "been there" and assisted me in my time of need. Now, assisting and serving others is my dream.

I may have a disability but I have the potential, personality, and perseverance to do this with some financial backing. I have the location, now I am only waiting for funding and any positive ideas you might have.

Thank you for reading this, and God bless each of you. Please help me make this dream possible for those who need it the most.

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Sep 29, 2010
Best wishes for a dream come true
by: Anonymous

May God bless you in your hopes and dreams and I pray they are answered in the near future. I know what you are going through because this sounds like part of our life with my daughter. I too would like dreams fulfilled to provide this type of environment/atmosphere for those in need.

Aug 16, 2010
I want to come...
by: candice

I live in South Carolina. I was online looking for a place to hide myself away. I am sick of the people I try to keep in my life looking at me with the eyes of people that don't understand what this is like. I want to be with people that understand. I wish your dream was real right now.

May 04, 2010
Courageous Woman
by: Anonymous

When I read this, it inspired us. I see a champion. I can only pray for GOD to help bless others as you strengthen your walk to help others. God bless. Hope you get it double in return.

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