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Bipolar Disorder Disabled Woman Seeks Grant To Help Obese People

by Shalom Shick
(Knoxville, TN, USA)

Before & After Weight Reduction Protocol

Before & After Weight Reduction Protocol

I have been on Disability with Bipolar Disorder for 14 years, ever since I had a nervous breakdown and lost my career as an Environmental Consulting Engineer.

It was hard to lose the career for which I had worked so hard to get my Engineering Degree.

Two years ago I began to have serious bouts of Binge Eating Disorder and became obese at 212 pounds. I prayed for help and discovered a weight reduction protocol that actually worked for me.

Then I put a web site up, with my husband's help, to try to put all the research I'd done on it, including my personal experiences, in one place for others who could benefit.

I began to get emails for advice, and then requests for product recommendations. Next I got requests for kits of the products. So I created a kit of products to help with the protocol and made them available.

The requests for advice became so numerous that I began charging for requests that came in excess of two emails per person just to decrease the demand. The next thing I knew, I had a coaching and product business.

I felt, even though it was a lot of work, that Yahweh/God wanted me to help these people. I actually thought of my project as a ministry since I was praying with and for my clients and I could see the Lord's hand in it.

The business grew. I hired an accountant. But the accountant didn't tell me how much money the IRS was going to want.

Then I found out my disability income was going to be taken away and that I would owe money back to them.

I had used the extra money that had come in from the business to run the business and to replace my gutters, soffits, fascia boards and do other repairs on my home that had gone a long time without being taken care of.

So even though I want to earn my own living and help others, I am finding myself entering deeply into debt of approximately $15,000 and losing the disability income.

I really believe though that Yahweh/God wants me to continue this business, so I am believing that I can do it through His Strength!

There must be some governmental and/or private assistance for a woman who wants to be off disability and to continue to help others to overcome obesity.

Please let me know if there is so that I can build some hope.

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