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Bipolar Husband And Anxiety Disabled Wife Seek Grant To Prevent Ulcers

by David Stiltz
(Sun City, Arizona, USA)

My name is David Stiltz. I am 59 years old. I have a wife, and a 14-year-old Lhasa Apso/Shihtzu.

I live in Sun City, Arizona. My wife and I have no children. My mother lives in Prescott, Arizona. My wife's father lives in Sun City also. We moved here to be closer to him since he is not well.

Disability Issues

I learned in the year 2000 that my kidneys were shrinking. They are the age of a 90 year old. I was wondering why I was so tired all the time.

I also have mental disabilities. I just got out of the mental hospital, and found out that I am bipolar, and depressed. I am on medication.

I cannot work like a man my age usually can. I am on Disability for my renal disease. I make $1100 a month.

My wife has anxiety panic disorder. She works as much as she can. She has no health insurance. Sometimes, she has to go to the ER because of her anxiety.

Financial Hardship

Right now, we cannot pay our rent, electric, and water. We had to pay the IRS, or they were going to take things away from us.

We have $40 in the bank. We will need that for gas and groceries.

We took out a title loan on the car, and now we have to pay that back, it comes out automatically. They will take our car if it does not come out on time.

We both are getting ulcers.

Income Efforts

We have tried everything we can to make some extra money, besides the pet-sitting.

We have never been to college. We both come from poor families. I receive $1100 a month, and we made about $300 last month.

We don't know anyone with money to lend.

We can't even get a job at McDonalds for extra money.

Specific Needs

We are trying everything we can right now to bring in some money. The pet-sitting business is slow right now.

We have tried for grants, but don't really know if they are legit sources or not. We are not very technical.

We were wondering if my wife qualifies for Disability because of her anxiety panic disorder. Please, help us if you can, or give us good, legit advice so we can survive this life.

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