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Bipolar Jason Seeks Help To Visit Kids and Start Antique Sales Business

by Jason Mirochnick
(Westmont, Illinois, USA)

My name is Jason Mirochnick. I live in Westmont, Illinois. I am 36 years old and have two kids that I can hardly see and a cat named Cami.

Disability Issues

My disability began when I was 16 years old. I am bipolar and have multiple gunshot wounds to the right side of my chest.

The amount of my Disability is only $390 after child support and Medicare.

Financial Hardship

I'm barely able to pay for my half of the bills at my residence. I am always short on money.

I have extreme dental issues.

I also cannot afford all my medication because Seroquel and Depakote are not cheap anti-psychotics.

I need a computer as well as money for legal fees to try to fight to see my kids more and reduce the amount of child support that I pay.

Income Efforts

It's hard for me to keep a job for more than eight weeks due to my disability. The amount of SSDI is hardly enough.

I go to food pantries at Peoples Resource Center periodically but it's never enough food.

I am always asking people for loans that I can never pay back and I have exhausted all my options.

Specific Needs

I need money for dental work. My teeth are falling apart and it hurts so bad it's hard to even eat a meal.

I also need money for an attorney to help reduce my child support as well as work on my visitation rights as a father.

Finally I need a computer to start my own business.

Business Idea

It is my dream to sell on eBay and then own a store. I go to garage sales, auctions and estate sales and flip these products on the Internet and make a sizable profit.

I just need money in a bank so I can pay the shipping. Then after six months of successfully selling on eBay I should have enough inventory and money to open a small store in an antique mall.

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