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Bipolar Mother Seeks Government Grant Money To Restore The Good Life For Her Son

by Shannon Powell
(Riverside, California, USA)

I'm an only child of an only son drafted into the Vietnam War. As a bipolar woman, I've just come off a down period and I'm looking for government grant money for a better life.

I've heard that my father was at one point a very kind and loving man. But when he returned home he was a changed individual, probably as a result of exposure to Agent Orange.

He returned to college and while working on his thesis was told to look at a particular Christian group as they had an interesting theory on the end of the world.

One year later my mother, a former racist, became a member while my father an African American made her his wife.

Years followed and they both became heavily involved in their ministries; however the nightmare he lived in Vietnam he could not escape.

Being an only child I had no one to turn to when my father's flashbacks and rages became more and more frequent.

As you can imagine the ups and downs along with the bible thumping were very conflicting and scary especially for a little girl.

In spite of it all I managed to survive, not without any damage however. At about fifteen years old I would have these rages and it was about three years later that I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

After several stints in rehabs and psych wards I seemed to get a grip and became a very successful businesswoman becoming an elder care specialist giving elder persons an alternative to nursing homes.

I traveled the entire continent of South America, and to Paris and London, which later became one of my regular pit stops for shopping and entertainment.

I had the opportunity to live amongst the likes of the Disneys, the Fords, the Estée Lauders and had guests such as the Nixons.

Suddenly my bipolar disorder was in full swing again leaving me unable to function and/or run my business.

I went on ridiculous spending sprees. I watched in disbelief as all the cars were repossessed and I literally slept in the park.

I have now recovered to a point; however my only son who is almost three has no luxuries to speak of except a rented mobile home and a very badly dinged up vehicle that my mother who lives with us drives.

Any help you can point me to, such as government grants for bipolar single mothers, would be greatly appreciated.

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Aug 16, 2011
by: Stephanie

That was something else to read! I have just placed my information on here as well so, I thought I'd take a look around at the other people's stories on here. So far, yours is the most remarkable to me. My heart is truly with you and your child! I will pray for you both tonight that happiness will find you and give you both some comfort! I totally understand where you are coming from and it is not a pleasant place to be. So, keep your head up and continue searching. You will find what you are looking for and need. God has a plan for you as to when you're going to receive it. God Bless you both!!


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