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Bipolar National Guard Veteran And Single Mom Seeks Grant To Rebuild Herself

by Rvon
(Orangevale, CA, USA)

Travel to far off places... not what I had in mind

Travel to far off places... not what I had in mind

My name is Rvon Dillon. I am a 37-year-old female. I joined the Nevada National Guard in the year 2000 and was honorably discharged in 2008 as a SGT.

I started working in the sixth grade babysitting after school for my neighbor. I also worked for my dad during summer vacations.

I informed my dad and stepmom I was joining the Army because I was a single mother working three jobs to make ends meet and never saw my daughter.

My dad and stepmom are Jehovah Witnesses so they were furious. My stepsister went around saying I was a bad mom because I went to basic training and A.I.T.

My stepsister never took time out of her day to visit the niece she cared so much about.

When I returned I eventually got a full time technician job in the Guard.

When I told my stepmom I was being deployed to Afghanistan she insisted I get out, I told her I wouldn't even if I could.

My stepmom stopped talking to me until right before I was deployed. My unit came home with five fewer brave soldiers than we went with.

I have had several jobs in my life. I have always been employed until I got out of the Army.

I worked for my dad for a year and was very depressed in a go-nowhere job.

I started drinking heavily, which was not a good mix with my bipolar medicine.

I made a horrific decision one day after work. I had been drinking and decided to take my girls to Denny's, which was about two miles away.

The waitress could tell I had been drinking and called the cops. CPS took my children and the woman they call grandma, no blood relation, was there to rescue them.

I went to rehab, got clean and then relapsed.

I receive a disability check which half goes to my car payment and the other half to my mom to help support my daughters.

I have been going to school so that I can go out into the work force and make a difference. I graduated on the Dean's list from MTI and I am about to take my certification test for phlebotomy.

I am currently enrolled at The Institute of Technology where I am taking Pharmacy Technician.

I know the more education I acquire the more employment opportunities I will have; plus I am setting a good example for my daughters instead of a bad one.

I am not married and my two daughters, ages 14 and 5 live with their grandma Antoinette out of town. I met Antoinette when I was 14. She has always been there for me and treated me like I was one of her own.

Antoinette was the reason I was able to join the National Guard. She took my oldest daughter in and gave her a home.

Antoinette has always encouraged me and believed in me. Antoinette was in the delivery room for both my daughters.

I want to prove to her that I am still the strong independent woman she once knew and am able to support my kids better. I just need a little help getting back on my feet.

I know I have messed up. I just want a chance to make things right and prove to my kids that I am not a failure.

I am bipolar. While over in Afghanistan something in me snapped. I just wasn't myself. I came home on leave and that is when I started taking medication.

I take two types of medication, one for bipolar and the other for depression every day.

A couple of times throughout the years I felt fine so I stopped taking my medication - big mistake. I know now I will always be on it and that is fine because while on it I am fine. My disability rating is 60%.

Right at this moment I do not have money to pay rent for September. I go to food banks for food.

My car registration was due in February and I have a court date because I was driving to school without insurance or registration.

My mom had to take my daughters to the dentist and since we don't have insurance I have fallen behind on my car payment because we used it for the dentist. The dentist has to be paid cash at the appointment.

Both of my daughters need school clothes and supplies. I don't have any extra expenses. I don't have cable or Internet. I never go out. I stay home and go to school.

I am enrolled at snagajob.com, careerbuilder.com, sac.localhires.com, jobungo.com, indeed.com, monster.com and job.com.

I am a student studying to have a career. I get online at school and apply for grants. I have applied for loans, but my credit is horrible.

I have an appointment with the VA rehabilitation program in a couple of weeks. I get a monthly housing allowance but I am behind so it is not enough to survive.

I am looking for a grant or a loan that will help me get back on my feet so I can once again support my daughters and myself.

I am tired of feeling like a failure.

I just want to be a productive member of society again and I just need a little help doing that.

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