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Bipolar Woman With Other Disabilities Seeks Grant Money To Avoid Homelessness

by Helen Hung
(Ridgefield, CT, USA)

Hello. My name is Helen Hung. At the age of 10 years, I was molested by a member of my family.

Later, my mental illness began with depression and social phobias at the early age of 13. In High School I suffered from anxieties and depression right through college.

I persisted somehow though and was able to make it through college. At the end of my four years in college, I had my first nervous breakdown that led me to be hospitalized for three weeks. This was in 1994.

The following summer I acquired Lyme disease, which became chronic. Currently, my Lyme disease impairs me from doing many activities of daily functioning on my own. Yet somehow I manage.

Thereafter, I was hospitalized 14 more times for chronic mental illness. I have had many part-time jobs but due to my illnesses, I have not been able to keep any of them.

I do collect a small social security check but it is not enough to pay the bills. My current diagnosis is schizophrenia, bipolar and Chronic Lyme disease and dyspnea, which is chest pain, caused by the Lyme's.

I live alone in a studio in the town I grew up and have no help at this time. My family has cut me off financially and I have little to no contact with family or friends.

In December of last year I fractured my tibia pretty badly. I had to have surgery and a plate and screws inserted. I may be physically disabled as well.

I have a few hundred in the bank and don't know how I will make rent. If I can't make rent I will be homeless with a broken leg and I have no idea how that will be.

This leg may take up to a year to be completely healed. I really have nowhere to turn. Every time I try to contact the local mental health facility they turn me down seeming to think I can manage on my own. I am having a very bad time.

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