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Biz Grant For Cerebral Palsy Disabled Man To Open Novel Movie Theater

by Mark Owens
(Charlotte, NC, USA)

I am a 48-year-old single former systems engineer for Bank of America and First Data. It is simply myself and Mr. Niko my cat.

I came to Charlotte nine years ago from Florida for the position at Bank of America.

I have a business degree with an extensive real estate, finance and computer science background.

Disability Issues

I was born three-months premature in 1965 resulting in a textbook case of cerebral palsy.

I remained in the hospital for 30 days to gain weight. When I reached five pounds I was allowed to go home.

Unfortunately due to my displaced hip and resulting zero-lateral stability, I am confined to a wheelchair.

Financial Hardship

What I am seeking is business financing. At 48 years old in this economic climate and newly out of work with a disability, I believe my best choice is to start a business rather than return to the corporate grind.

My background provides me with the needed skill set to combine my hobby with professional opportunities to create a successful business.

Income Efforts

For funding I have approached equity investors, standard bank financing, the SBA, hard money real estate investors (it's not really a hard money real estate type deal).

The SBA by design does not want to finance businesses. The SBA primarily looks for reasons NOT to back financing, and banks due to the economic scare are unwilling or unable to take the risk.

Therefore, I turned to the equity investor market. Investors are unwilling to be the first to sign on or to take the risk because they can obtain the same return I offer (average 20% for five-years or 100%) without the risk from other sources.

Next I created an investment participation model targeting the average person "small investment" for funding. I have a few interested participants but not enough of them to move forward.

Specific Needs

I am seeking grants, loans, investors, donations, gifts whatever is possible in order to move forward. I am open to any and all ideas and guidance available.

I have a five-year business plan written with investor participation scenarios included. I am financially stable with virtually no consumer debt. I owe approximately $6500 on my van to Bank of America.

My vehicle was the first access auto loan issued by BoA. I discovered that disabled people were NOT able to purchase used converted vehicles due to the underwriting guidelines. Therefore, I had them changed. That's a long story for another time.

Business Idea

Without giving my business plan or approach to successfully operating a business, I intend to open a movie theater.

The vision is to rehab an existing structure, replace and update the equipment, and implement a stellar business plan that delivers significant value to the consumer while increasing revenue per patron to the owner operator of the facility.

The location is on a major corridor just east of Charlotte, NC and is within a major shopping complex in the community.

Based upon the prior traffic of the facility and the growth to the community and enhanced business plan, the objectives for return are very attainable.

The total project will require $2,500,000 and will include the purchase of the current land and structure, improvements and operating reserves.

Business Model:

The objective is to deliver superior value through reasonably priced tickets, concessions and real prepared food options.

The auditoriums will have designated in theater seating and in theater food service. There will also be beer and wine sales on a very controlled basis to invite and enhance the experience without creating a bar environment.

This, coupled with a host of other revenue sources complimentary to the core business, will drive consistent and above average revenue per patron. This will deliver a superior net margin to the operator / developer and a great return to investors.

I will employ a host of traditional and innovative marketing techniques to insure a solid opening and growth to revenue each month.

Additionally, I will be very involved in the local community to gain significant awareness of the facility, the superior value, and deliver a terrific family experience.


I will be the general manager of operations but will be complemented by industry-trained veterans of both the theater operations and food service.

Each of these areas will have a host of employees directed by the respective management of each area. Careful attention has been taken to maximize efficiency of operations and the optimum number of employees for ideal operations.

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