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Blind And Abandoned Woman Seeks Grant Money To Help Return To Work

by Cynthia Jones
(Montrose, Colorado, USA)

I feel as if I have been totally abandoned by the community and disability resources in pursuit of employment.

I fully understand the unemployment rate is high; however, why should a disabled individual be placed second to anyone else?

Our constitution clearly defines the right to employment as "equal" with stipulations the incumbent has the ability to perform the task with reasonable accommodation.

Given the brief scenario I am legally blind, with limited visual ability. I have written on this previously and no one seems to care, so I will try again.

I am married, and reside with my husband, 77-year-old disabled mother and now have care of a disabled daughter and her son.

My daughter has Bipolar 1. My mother has heart disease and the onset of pulmonary fibrosis. She is on oxygen 24 hours per day.

My husband works fulltime, however his employer has reduced his hours to the point we cannot keep up with day-to-day living cost.

Forced into bankruptcy in January we lost everything we own, we are struggling to get back on our feet and there's still no job in sight for myself.

We need a helping hand and would appreciate any help presented. Grants to individuals by the government are virtually a myth, and getting help from non-profits has become a thing of the past in our area.

More monies are devoted to people outside the United States than to helping American citizens.

I am a natural born citizen living in the rural area of Western Colorado. We have limited public transportation and work from home is seemingly impossible.

I have submitted hundreds of applications, have verifiable education and still nothing.

I truly need a helping hand to purchase a used vehicle and afford a driver so that I can try and go out of the area to work. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried to help my husband and feel as if I am worthless because I have not been able to return to work.

I'm facing thousands of dollars in student loans and at risk of losing SSDI of $808 per month, my only source of income.

Will you help me to go back to work?

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Sep 03, 2011
Home Caregiving Resource
by: Ken

I am not sure, but try this and then go to similar sites:
Good Luck!

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